The Morse Code Ep. 31: The Left's Willful Hate

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This week was like a movie. There was a climactic battle with a twist ending that many people thought was inevitable. Like a Marvel movie, this week will be discussed until people are sick of hearing about it, which many already are, including me.

Joe Biden’s constant lies, Donald Trump’s constant interruptions, and Chris Wallace’s inability to be even a little unbiased made the first Presidential debate a complete crap show. What’s more, the media didn’t think to do their jobs for the most part and correct the insane number of lies Biden told on the stage, which is par for the course.

But even that doesn’t hold a candle to the news that broke this morning about Trump contracting the coronavirus. How is the left reacting?

I’ll give you one guess.

Also, they’re deleting “problematic” episodes from shows because they don’t vibe with today’s sentimentality.

I discuss all this and more on this episode of The Morse Code!

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