Netflix Cancellations Are Surging off the Charts Due to "Cuties" According to New Data

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Netflix subscribers are dropping like flies and it only has itself to blame according to new Netflix data.

The pedophilic movie “Cuties,” a film about girls as young as 10 dancing in overtly sexual ways as the camera focuses in on parts of their bodies that it shouldn’t, was received with massive outrage from the general population. Calls for canceling subscriptions erupted from the controversy and it would appear its working.


The site “Top Trade Guru” has been keeping track of various numbers revolving around cancellations and the numbers are staggering.

The first comes from YipitData, who reported that the increase in cancellations rose some 800 percent in the wake of the “Cuties” controversy:

Data analytics firm YipitData told Yahoo Finance that Netflix’s U.S. churn“rose materially”last weekend in the wake of the controversy. As of Saturday, disconnects were running at nearly 8x the daily levels observed in August — a multi-year high, YipitData added.

Antenna, a subscription analytics company, noted they saw five times the number of cancellations in the past five days compared to the previous thirty.

What’s more, downloads of the streaming app from the Google and Apple stores are collapsing as it went from being the 16th most downloaded app to the 31st according to SimilarWeb.

Interest in cancellations is also up. Google searches on how to cancel the streaming service are surging as well according to Trade Guru:

Another source of cancelation data is Google searches for how to cancel Netflix. Searches on Google for “cancel netflix” are running about 10x their normal search volume. ‘Cancel netflix’ related search terms are hitting all time highs. See live search data. There seems to be no end in sight. As people learn about the controversy, many just want to cancel, driving the increasing ‘cancel netflix’ searches.

Rumors circulated that Netflix stock price dropped some $9 billion after the outrage reached full steam, and while that rumor was untrue, Netflix stock has yet to recover much. If this trend holds and the streaming service continues to bleed subscribers, then it’s likely to see its growth hampered.


In order to really feel the burn and begin going negative, around 37.2 million people would have to drop the platform, which is effectively the country of Canada. If even half that number unsubscribe, then the platform would still see themselves facing troubles in the stock market. Still, 18 million people are a tall order and Netflix is still the most popular streaming service in the western world.

We’ll likely not see the total numbers until the subscriptions recycle at the beginning of next month and we’ll get a dollar amount on how much they lost, but if these numbers are any indication, Netflix has had a chunk of its hull blown out of its ship.

The loss of cash will hopefully be a lesson to Netflix, and indeed all streaming platforms, that pedophilia will not be normalized. Not now. Not ever.


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