As the NFL Celebrates Criminals and Bad Narratives, the Jaguars' Tyler Eifert Gets It Right

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Tyler Eifert does it right in a sea of doing it wrong.

The NFL has become nigh unwatchable due to the amount of social justice and leftist narratives it’s been throwing into the program. The fields have social justice messaging on each end and the back of the helmets each bear a name of a black person shot by a police officer or Black Lives Matter slogans.


Americans of all races, creeds, and religions come together for sports, especially football, but now, it too is being politicized. Players are being pressured to play along whether or not they want to. Any refusal to participate will be viewed as a rejection of the cause celebre and they will likely be chastised endlessly by mobs and canceled. In this day and age, a mob angry with you can lead to some very real problems.

Jaguars’ tight end Tyler Eifert, however, decided he would also wear a name on the back of his helmet, but instead of George Floyd or Jacob Blake, he went with a name that Black Lives Matter would rather you forget.

Featured on the back of Eifert’s helmet is David Dorn, the retired police officer who was killed by rioters during a Black Lives Matter “protest” in St. Louis, Missouri.

After the Jaguars’ seven-point victory on Sunday against the Indianapolis Colts, the 30-year-old tight end tweeted out a picture of his helmet while celebrating his win.

“Great win to start the season. Love being a part of this new team and community! It was honor wearing David Dorn’s name on my helmet today!” tweeted Eifert.


The tweet was greeted with a wave of positivity as people celebrated Eifert bringing attention to a victim who isn’t ever really talked about by Black Lives Matter activists or the mainstream media.

Dorn’s wife spoke at the Republican National Convention, telling the story of the night of her husband’s death and explaining that violence has no place in peaceful protests, something that Trump, she said, understands.

Dorn was murdered by rioters while defending a friend’s pawn shop from the rioting/looting. His death was aired in real-time on Facebook Live where his grandson watched events unfold at that moment. He can be seen taking his last breaths in the video as a man filming the entire thing begs him to stay with him while angrily yelling at the rioters.


The subsequent silence on Dorn from the activist community and mainstream media outraged America, especially as they spoke relentlessly about police action against what they called “peaceful protesters” while they stood in front of burning buildings. It was also massively insulting since many figures the media went to defend had major criminal histories while Dorn was an upstanding member of his community, having served it as police chief for years.

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According to the Daily Mail, sports radio host Tony Bruno called Eifert the “only true hero in the NFL” for putting Dorn’s name on the back of his helmet.

Eifert putting Dorn’s name on the back of his helmet was a breath of fresh air to many fans as well, and they expressed thankfulness for honoring the fallen officer.




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