Peloton Tries to Look Woke by Celebrating a Community In Ways It Doesn't Even Celebrate Itself

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This Nov. 19, 2019, photo shows the logo on a Peloton bike in San Francisco. (AP Photo/Jeff Chiu)

Swing and a miss, Peloton.

One of the prime ways this era makes itself look ridiculous is the way in which corporations attempt to look like they’re with the times by saying and doing “woke” things. This usually includes an adherence to approved terminology that oftentimes produced by the social justice left.

The thing about the social justice left is that it only thinks it speaks for everyone else, and while it clearly doesn’t, corporate America has bought into the idea that it does.

This is why Peloton, the company that produces the most popular exercise bike in America, decided it would join in on the virtue signaling by claiming it’s celebrating Latin culture, only it didn’t use the term “Latin,” it used the term “Latinx.”

For those unfamiliar with the term, “Latinx” is a social justice way to describe Latin people without getting a specific gender involved so that it becomes more inclusive to the LGBT community. Why they don’t use the sexless term “Latin peoples” in this case is unclear.

While they have yet to put this out on Twitter, Peloton is currently sending out emails asking users to join the company in celebrating “latinx heritage month” and then proceeding to push products on the email recipient that bear “latinx” inspired products.

“We’re proud to celebrate Latinx heritage, and the strong voices within the vibrant community. This exciting month honors the influence and strength of Latin American and Hispanic cultures,” reads the email. “The celebration starts September 15 with live and on-demand classes featuring music by Latinx artists from around the world.”

The trouble is that the term “Latinx” isn’t exactly a word used to describe Latin people by anyone including Latin people. According to an August poll by the Pew Research Center, a whopping three percent of Hispanic people have used to phrase “Latinx” to describe themselves or anyone else that they knew.

The question now becomes, if even Latin people don’t even want to use the term, then why does Peloton? Who are they trying to impress here?

Judging by the current environment, it’s not about impressing anyone. Right now, it’s about fear. If they had used the term “Latin peoples” then it’s likely that the mob would have come after them for not using the “correct” terminology. An overwhelming internet outrage brigade would have descended on Peloton in every conceivable electronic method possible. Calls for resignations from the CEO on down to the people who wrote the ad would echo from forums to emails.

It’s either that or the people who run Peloton have social justice adherents working in the upper echelons of the company who have convinced everyone else that this is a good idea.

Doing this, however, doesn’t actually make you look woke. It hardly makes you look modern. It makes you look out of touch. It makes you look like you’re trying too hard to be inclusive and with the times.

If Peloton, or any business for that matter, wants to celebrate a race of people then fine, but celebrating those people by placing a label on them that they themselves clearly don’t want to use seems like you know something better than they do.

Thinking that you know something about the people you’re speaking about better than they know themselves is peak social justice. If Peloton, or any corporation, wants to see to it that their brand doesn’t get wrapped up and mired in an ideology that has cost businesses billions time and again, then it will back away from this social justice nonsense with all speed.

However, if the company is this consumed with social justice, it’s not likely to get away from it any time soon and our culture isn’t quite ripe enough for purging of social justice ideas from companies. The infection is too advanced at this stage. If you don’t cut it out as soon as you’re made aware of it, the infection will become next to impossible to cure.

My advice? Do what Red Bull did.

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