Disgusting: Eggs Were Thrown at Children During Delaware Republican Rally, Democrats Silent

Screenshot from Lauren Witzke's Twitter video: aftermath of Democrats egging a child.

Democrats Egg Child

Democrats have crossed the line and they’re not acknowledging it.

There are uncrossable lines we should draw as a society and the safety of our children encompasses a good deal of those lines. Democrat supporters have crossed that line repeatedly, especially recently as children have been directly attacked a few times this election season.


Republican candidate Lauren Witzke, a woman running for senate in Delaware against Chris Coons, was holding a pro-Trump rally on Sunday where children were present. Witzke uploaded a video to Twitter which showed a young, dejected-looking girl covered in egg.

Witzke explained that leftists drove by in a car and began throwing eggs at her. While other kids apparently also got hit, this little girl was hit the worst. The candidate explained that the girl wasn’t doing anything but standing there when the attack happened.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz called the moment out, not mentioning party, noted that this is not what civilized human beings do.

“Rational adults, civilized human beings, people with even a shred of decency…DO NOT do this,” tweeted Cruz.


Calls for Biden and the Democrats to denounce this act have sprung up on social media, though it’s unlikely that we’ll get any. Democrats remained silent about an attack on a young boy with a Trump hat not long ago and it’s not likely that they will break that silence for the girl.

Before this little girl was egged, a 7-year-old boy was attacked by two Biden supporters outside the DNC convention for wearing a MAGA hat. The two women who attacked him were arrested for first-degree robbery, second-degree conspiracy, and endangering the welfare of a child, alongside two additional counts of offensive touching.

Some have argued that bringing children to a political rally is wrong in the first place, but those who attend rallies may not have anywhere to bring their children. If the event is family-friendly then bringing your child to it shouldn’t be a problem.

The problem starts when those who consider themselves political opponents of those at the rallies begin expressing their displeasure in physical ways. Attacking children is proof positive that this idea of disagreement by physicality has gotten way out of hand. We should all be able to agree that assaulting children or even displaying overt hatred around children period, is something that should be avoided at all costs.


Democratic supporters have not displayed this level of common sense on multiple occasions, however, I will say that there are many Democrats who consider this behavior of directly involving children in their attacks abhorrent behavior.

However, if that’s the case, then a massive vocal rejection of these actions should happen from the Democrat party, largely from politicians.

However, we just don’t seem to be getting that.



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