Netflix Responds to "Cuties" Outrage and Proves Why the Entertainment Industry Needs to Burn

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It took Netflix releasing a pedophilic movie to come together on something but America made it clear that the movie “Cuties,” featuring young girls mimicking sexual acts and dancing provocatively as the camera focuses on places where it shouldn’t, shouldn’t be featured on Netflix, much less, exist.


It had few defenders, and surprising no one, you could find those defenders in the leftist mainstream media.

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According to the Daily Caller’s Mary Margaret Olohan, Netflix has now responded to Americans angry about the overt sexualization of children, and it’s only made the situation worse. Netflix is not only firmly standing by the film, they’re now referring to it as “social commentary” necessary to highlight the sexualization of young girls and insisting they should watch the film.

“BREAKING: After days of silence following outrage over “Cuties,” Netflix defends “Cuties,” calling it a “social commentary against the sexualization of young children” an “award winning film” and “a powerful story,” tweeted Olohan. “We’d encourage anyone who cares about these important issues to watch the movie,” Netflix tells me.”

If a house was on fire and people called the fire department, the last thing you’d want to hear the firemen say is “it’s important to let this house, and potentially the houses around it burn so that it demonstrates the dangers of fire. We encourage everyone to watch this fire with us.”


We never needed to be told the sexualization of young girls was wrong. We’re well aware of that already. It’s the height of self-importance to demonstrate it in 4K on our television screens and tell us that you’re making “social commentary.”

You have very real children rubbing their genitals on a stage. That’s not social commentary any more than torturing a dog in front of people in an effort to speak out against animal abuse is social commentary.

Netflix is in the wrong here in ways that, frankly, shouldn’t be legal and this is coming from a libertarian. This display is so disgusting that I have trouble watching the clips.

If they won’t listen to reason, then maybe it will listen to financial loss.

Cancel your Netflix subscription.


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