Trash: Netflix CEO Reed Hastings Gets the Softball Treatment From CNN Amid "Cuties" Outrage

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Reed Hastings, left, CEO of Netflix, talks with Ted Sarandos, Chief Content Officer of Netflix, during a press conference in Seoul, South Korea, Thursday, June 30, 2016. Netflix plans to expand its Asian offerings to its subscribers around the world by tapping more creators in Asia.(AP Photo/Ahn Young-joon)

There needs to be an entirely different category apart from the “softball interview.” What CNN did for Netflix CEO Reed Hastings was definitely the opposite of hard-hitting journalism, but it wasn’t just the boring, easy questions Hastings got that was the problem.

The biggest problem was that at no point did CNN’s Poppy Harlow ask Hastings for answers and explanations about the movie “Cuties” currently streaming on his platform which feature young girls mimicking sexual acts and dancing provocatively on stage while the camera focuses in on the parts it shouldn’t.

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As highlighted by Newsbusters, CNN seemed more like it was doing damage control for Hastings and Netflix, rather than conducting an actual interview. You expected the “Cuties” questions to be right around the corner but Harlow never broaches the subject, instead, focusing on Hastings’s views on working in an office, compliments on his new book, his worries about depression in the age of Coronavirus isolation, the health of his marriage for some reason, his thoughts on diversity and white leadership.


Newsbusters provided a video dedicated to Harlow’s line of questioning with Hastings’s answers taken out. His responses are unimportant given the questions asked of him were even less so.

There are two things we can take away from this.

It’s likely that Hastings was well aware that he was going into an interview where he wasn’t going to be asked to answer for the pedophilic trash currently being paraded around on his platform. Tucker Carlson has made it clear that CNN isn’t above scripting their interviews and I highly doubt that Hastings went in blind here.

It’s one of the things the internet can’t stop talking about. In a world where journalists did their jobs, it would have been question number one. In fact, it likely would have been the entirety of the interview.

This is not how our media operates nowadays, and CNN is going to CNN.

If you’re wondering why the vast majority of Americans believe the media to be a biased pile of garbage that offers little reason to trust it, this is why.

Hastings should have been put in the hot seat and made to answer why he’s allowing the sexualizing of children on his network. When he inevitably came back with the excuse circulating around that the film is more of a commentary of the wrongs of the sexualization of little girls, he should have been made to answer why he felt that commentary needed to be made by sexualizing little girls.


Instead, Hastings wasn’t put in the hot seat. It was warmed with a nice cushion on top. He was asked questions that allowed him to signal his virtues and look like a wise leader.

Pedophilia is literally being mainstreamed, and the mainstream’s response is to pat itself on the back for how good it is.

By ignoring the “Cuties” controversy, Netflix and CNN are equally guilty for the normalization of pedophilia now.

Pure trash.


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