Disney's Gone So Far Left That It Will Choose Concentration Camps Over Pro-Life States

AP Photo/Chris Pizzello

To the left’s credit, their domination of the mainstream culture is unparalleled but this is both a gift and a curse.

It’s a gift because it allows them to get whatever message they want out to the populace and set an early narrative that the right must then overcome over time. They sway millions of people with a lie that gets around the world twice before the truth has an opportunity to get its pants on. This causes people to adopt a garbage way of seeing the world that involves adopting prejudices that they think are noble.

It’s a curse because the prejudices they often adopt as a result are usually nothing short of evil, and cause them to do and believe evil things. Without thinking they have done it, they become racist, sexist, and even defend evils for no other reason than the mainstream culture demands they do so.

It’s tragic that this happens on an individual level, but corporations are also made up of individuals who then go and infect the company with this leftist plague. Next thing you know, you get Disney.

Disney used to be the name in wholesome family entertainment but, like many corporations, it became engulfed in social justice virtue signaling and enslaved to the demands of critical theory. Its movies followed suit with more and more political messaging entering its movies.

Outside of The Mandalorian, I haven’t seen much from Disney that steers clear of politics in some way, shape, or form. On Disney+, Beyonce’s “Black Is King” has a black supremacist feel to it, and the song she released with the show has the lyric “the same skin they broke is the skin that’s taking over” which only reinforces that feeling.

Hamilton is so rife with messaging that it distracts from an otherwise great performance. Even the standard princess movies have now become cut and paste flicks engorged with feminist themes.

Disney is now a company that releases products that one has to look into before showing our children first, whereas it used to be a company that we would invite into our homes without a second thought.

Its most recent maneuver, however, made me never want to invite it into my home ever again.

Georgia was becoming a second Hollywood with many companies filming in the state due to its cost-effectiveness. When the state passed its fetal heartbeat law many companies said they would pull out, Disney being chief among them.

They made good on their threat, but instead of going back to California to film on those lots, they decided to take their business to China. Disney and China have been incredibly friendly with each other over the past few years to the point where you’d almost think they were synonymous with one another. The relationship is so deep that Matt Stone and Trey Parker of South Park dedicated two episodes out of the season to hammering the relationship that Disney and other companies have with China.

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My colleague Brad Slager recently reported that Disney’s cooperation with China extends so far into the corrupted state that it teamed up with the organization that helps run its concentration camps in order to film its latest live-action remake of Mulan:

What is the issue here is thanking the Turpan Public Security Bureau, which operates in southern Xinjiang, where much of the principal photography took place. This is the region where the controversy over the aggressive policing of the Muslim Uighurs by the Chi-Coms has been centered.

The uproar over concentration camps used to house the Uighurs has been overseen by the Turpan Public Security Bureau. They stepped up this aggression with police checkpoints in the regions and encampments housing the people the government deems detestable the past few years. The shooting of ‘’Mulan’’ took place in late 2018, wrapping around November. The production had to have been in full swing as these activities were in place, and it appears the studio had to work with and/or earn permission from the TPSB in order to film in the region.

So let’s make this very clear.

Disney will not film in the United States if the place where they are filming has pro-life laws on the books that protect children in the womb. Where they will film, however, is in the backyard of a Chinese concentration camp.

Apparently, according to Disney, the latter is more wholesome than the former.

I show you this because this is where leftist thought eventually leads. You and an entire slew of people will reject a place or people to the point of pure hatred out of a misguided idea of virtue and land yourself in the company of fascists where you will all pat yourselves on the back and compliment each other on the fact that you’re not those other guys.

Those “other guys” are actually the good guys, but you’re so blinded by the indoctrination and brainwashing thrust upon you by leftist thinking that seeing the forest for the trees is impossible.

It’s appropriate that they call breaking out of this mental state “being red-pilled.” It takes its meaning from the Matrix when Keanu Reeve’s Neo takes a pill that sends him down a path of discovery that would have been unthinkable in years past.

Disney is so deep in its sleep that it doesn’t see the horror it’s sided with right in front of its eyes, or worse, it does it and it’s so indoctrinated that it pardons itself.

Either way, Disney is a company that should be avoided.