UFC's Bobby Green Denounces Black Lives Matter Tactic of Fighting Hate With Hate

UFC's Bobby Green Denounces Black Lives Matter Tactic of Fighting Hate With Hate

Bobby Green

The UFC’s Bobby Green has just restored a lot of faith in humanity.

Our society today is infected with hatred and racial divides, primarily coming from the Black Lives Matter camp which, as actor Terry Crews has pointed out, has become more of a supremacist movement.

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Green, a lightweight division fighter, brought out a white man during an impassioned speech and made it clear that his own father wasn’t fit to raise him and his mother gave him away. Being born in foster care, he was adopted by the man he brought on stage, Jacob Benny, calling him “dad.”

“Right now at this time in our country, we are doing this whole ‘Black Lives Matter,’ everyone’s fighting, everyone’s looting.

“This is my father,” Green said of Benny, wrapping his arm around him. “I didn’t have a mother or father, they gave me away. My father wasn’t fit to be my father.”

“He’s been there since the beginning,” said Bobby Green. “He’s done everything, he lays his life down for me and I lay down my life for him. I don’t judge any man on the color of their skin but the content of their character. We’re here, we love. It doesn’t matter what color, it’s all about love.”

“You can’t beat hate with hate, you beat hate with love. Everyone out there, please stop fighting. Please, come together, we can’t beat it that way. With Love.”

This video got some speaking out against the hate, with many saying they choose to disbelieve the narrative that we all hate each other.

Green embodies the real American view of race as described by Martin Luther King Jr., who made it clear that a person’s race shouldn’t be the deciding factor on who a person is, but the content of their character is what makes someone.

Right now, we’re getting the message that race divides us from many different sources such as the media and various activist groups. Even politicians in Washington are doing what they can to make sure the divide stays wide. The truth is that it’s all a lie and being so suspicious of one another isn’t necessary.

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