Ted Cruz Accuses Democrats of Keeping States in Lockdown to Hurt Trump and He's Right

Ted Cruz Accuses Democrats of Keeping States in Lockdown to Hurt Trump and He's Right
Erin Scott/Pool via AP

Texas Senator Ted Cruz accused Democrats of keeping their respective states in lockdown over COVID-19 because it helps Democrats keep the economy down, thus dulling President Donald Trump’s effectiveness in November.

And he’s right.

According to Just the News, Cruz bluntly stated that the left wants to keep the economy shut down over partisan interests:

“They are all in in keeping the economy shut down, keeping people out of work, keeping school shut down because they believe that benefits their political and partisan interest,” Cruz said during an interview with Just the News.

During a special edition of the John Solomon Reports podcast, the former GOP presidential candidate said the House speaker and the Senate minority leader have signaled their intentions during private negotiations over coronavirus relief packages and during public appearances, speeches and interviews.

“Well, based on their public statements and their private statements, I believe that both Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi have decided they do not want to reach a deal, that they don’t want to have any significant legislation between now and Election Day,” Cruz said. “And the reason I believe they’ve made that decision is they’ve made some really cynical political calculation to maximize the economic pain that Americans are feeling because in their judgment, the more people who are at home, who are broke and and pissed off and unemployed, the more likely they believe it is the Joe Biden wins in November.

“And I think that that’s a very cynical decision. And it’s a partisan decision, but by all, all indicia that that appears to be the judgments they’ve made,” he added.

Cruz is spot on the money. The Democrats have been attempting to blunt the edge that is Trump’s economy for years, even going so far as to tell everyone a recession was coming and Trump’s economy was fraudulent despite economists telling everyone the opposite.

Millionaire Bill Maher even said that he wished for a crashing economy because it would get rid of Trump.

Trump himself even noted the left’s desire at one point, calling out the left for their overt wish to see the American people do worse economically so that they would have a better chance at power.

(Trump is Right: The Media Wants a Recession that’s Not Coming According to Economic Experts)

The coronavirus isn’t as deadly as the left would have you believe and the fact that they’re using it to keep Americans locked in their homes while Democrats are repeatedly caught abusing their power to give themselves the freedoms that they deny Americans is telling.

Cruz is correct. This isn’t about safety, this is about power.


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