Joe Biden's Denouncement of Violence Isn't Real and Democrats Must Think We're Stupid

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Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden scratches his face as he speaks at a campaign event at Mill 19 in Pittsburgh, Pa., Monday, Aug. 31, 2020. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

The Democrat Party’s strategy for Joe Biden has been laid out and it’s not a good one.

Biden was placed behind a podium and told to read off his teleprompters. Sadly, he could hardly get through that.

While up on that stage, Biden denounced the violence occurring in the streets but noted that all of this nonsense occurring from his voters is the fault of President Donald Trump and that his supporters are the real cause of the problems with their self-defense.

The condemnation came a day late in a dollar short.

Scratch that. It’s come months late and millions of dollars worth of property damage short.

Since the riots started months ago, the Democrat party and its pet media have been shouting from the summit of Mt. Bullsh*t that these riots that have been destroying property and brutalizing innocents have been “peaceful.” They literally stand in front of burning buildings as cameras roll and tell us that these extremists are pure as the driven snow and wouldn’t harm a fly.

Biden and his team have been content to stay silent on the entire affair while his fellow Democrats are on record actually supporting and encouraging more unrest and destruction.

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The only reason the Democrats had a sudden change of heart is obvious. Black Lives Matter and its accompanying riots and extremists aren’t polling well. The entire affair in Kenosha, Wisconsin, sent the approval for Black Lives Matter plummeting from 25 to zero within the state, and it was clearly a wakeup call for Democrats.

Before we knew it, CNN hosts were even telling Biden that it was time denounce the riots as bad even though they themselves had done everything in their power to run defense for the violence and destruction brought on by the “protesters” including changing a chyron right in the middle of a news report to make them seem less violent.

(Watch as CNN Changes Their Chyron About BLM Rioters Being Violent Live On Air)

The takeaway from this is that Biden and the Democrats only changed their tune about the violence and destruction because they need you to vote for them and they’re afraid that if they don’t denounce it, you won’t. They’ll about-face on a dime right in front of you, changing up their entire stance about it, because they think you won’t notice and you’ll suddenly start singing their praises for their efforts.

Predictably, the media and Democrat diehards did, but Americans aren’t stupid.

What we really need to realize is that given this information it’s clear that Democrats don’t really care about the violence and, given the opportunity, will likely allow it to continue when they don’t have to answer for it during an election. If given power, the popularity of the rioters won’t matter and the Democrats will once again encourage you to get out there and destroy your communities in the name of “justice.”


The obviousness of the lie and the clear confidence they have when expressing it is infuriating, but the best revenge we can offer to a bunch of idiots who think we’re idiots is to vote against them in November. The message that will be sent will be clear but it will be up to Democrats to get it.

Who knows if they will? They definitely didn’t get it in 2016.

If the Democrat strategy is to place their activities at the feet of their political opponent who has been trying to offer help to quell the riots and even just today called for his supporters to let law enforcement handle the extremists in their streets, then it’s a strategy that deserves to fail. Not just because it’s a bad one but because it’s insulting to Americans everywhere.



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