The Villains In Ubisoft's Latest Game Have a Lot of Similarities to BLM and the Left Is Fuming

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Video game companies like Ubisoft have some of the most creative storylines in the world today, far outpacing the screenwriters in Hollywood. While this is normally celebrated, every now and again, a developer will get friendly with ideas that make the real-life left look bad or the real-life right look good.


Ubisoft recently made the left a bit angry with the release of Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad, a free-to-play mobile game that gives you control of an elite team meant to combat a seditious enemy. Who is that seditious enemy?

Black Lives Matter.

Not really, but the similarities to Black Lives Matter are pretty striking.

While it’s unlikely Ubisoft intended to make any political commentary about Black Lives Matter, the similarities are striking. The story centers around America being brought into a time of tumultuous riots, destruction, and violence. These riots are being spurred on by a movement known as “Umbra,” an organization attempting to fool people into believing they need to rise up and get extreme. Their symbol is the raised fist, which is strikingly similar to the raised fist used by Black Lives Matter.

Watch the trailer below for yourself.

As you can imagine, many on the left are already up in arms. They’re upset that those rioting in the name of Umbra are portrayed as dupes believing a narrative that isn’t true and are only benefiting subversive organizations trying to take power and that this will cause people to believe that those rioting in the name of Black Lives Matter are being duped into believing a narrative that isn’t true and is only benefiting subversive organizations trying to take power.


According to the left, Ubisoft is now promoting conspiracy theories. Take this article from Screen Rant for instance, which promotes the idea that Ubisoft is painting Black Lives Matter as a divisive and shadowy organization:

There’s nothing necessarily wrong with gaining inspiration from current events, but issues arise with the roots of Umbra as an organization. In the lore of Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad, Umbra was created by a defence contractor called Bastion, as a means to expand its influence and grow the power of its Apex surveillance system. In real life, there are many conspiracy theories around Black Lives Matter, with suggestions spearheaded by the far right that it has been created by powerful, shadowy individuals. In Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad, the populace supporting Umbra are being duped, and those behind it are evil and extremely powerful. Those are the exact same beats being put out about Black Lives Matter by vocal, aggressive conspiracy theorists in reality.

Black Lives Matter isn’t a conspiracy. It’s a grassroots movement caused by anger about injustice, not a cabal of unknown, powerful entities behind the scenes. By trivializing it in such a way, particularly given how raw it is and how debate and protests look likely to continue for some time, Ubisoft is insulting the reasons behind the campaign and doing itself a disservice as a creator in the process. There’s no such thing as just a video game, particularly with the cultural and financial importance of the medium.


The article continues by saying developers have a responsibility to use real-world events carefully, which translates into “only portray leftist organizations in a positive light.” For some reason, they also decided to add that Ubisoft has been struck with sexual assault and harassment allegations before even talking about the game at all, which they call “bland.”

Forbes also slammed Ubisoft for all the same reasons but added that only two percent of Ubisoft’s developers are black.

There was also the tidal wave of angry Twitter mobs coming after Ubisoft, and somewhat unsurprisingly, the company caved and announced that they were removing the raised fist icon from the game.

This being the mob, the apology wasn’t accepted as they’re still angry that the game portrays rioters as anything but peaceful freedom fighters.

Another lesson that you never bend over for these people.

The truth is, Ubisoft wasn’t far off the mark, even if they didn’t mean to hit a mark in the first place. Black Lives Matter the organization is an actual Marxist group by their own admission, and its leaders actively call for the destruction of the American system and its replacement with a socialist one. The left can pretend that’s not the case all day long, but in the end, it’s hard to deny one’s own eyes and ears.


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The truth about BLM is that it’s exactly as Ubisoft depicted it. It’s not a conspiracy theory, it’s plain and simple. A fact right in front of everyone’s faces. Its own leaders aren’t shy about it.

Ubisoft isn’t the problem here and those saying Elite Squad is an issue are the issue.


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