Rasmussen Blows the Whistle on "National Poll Suppression" as Trump Closes the Gap

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President Donald Trump is overtaking Joe Biden, but you’d never know that because the polls containing this information are being hidden.

According to Rasmussen, one of America’s most popular polling firms, there is actual evidence pointing to the fact that Trump is doing far better than the media portray but this is being withheld from the public.


Rasmussen posted a screenshot of Real Clear Politics polling averages. Normally, these are updated every week and without fail, but as of this moment, they’re still showing older numbers.

Twitter user “@furioustheguy” noted that the numbers that came out later than the 25th seem to be missing completely.

Recent numbers have shown that Trump is doing far better than you’d think. An Express poll has Trump in a three-point lead. Rasmussen has a survey that shows Trump is just one point shy of overtaking Biden. The Trafalgar Group, famous for accurately showing Trump’s lead in Michigan in 2016 and one of the only to accurately predict Trump’s victory back then, also shows Trump above Biden by a substantial number.


The gap is closing between the two but totals are being left out that cover this.

Trump’s numbers are on the rise, even in voting blocs like the black community where Trump has experienced a nine-point rise.

Meanwhile, Democrat-supported things such as Black Lives Matter have experienced a massive drop. Support for Black Lives Matter in the swing state of Wisconsin plummeted from 25 to zero in approval. This is troubling news for Democrats who have made Black Lives Matter central to their campaign strategy.

If there’s a reason behind these withholding of the totals then this hasn’t been revealed but many are speculating that the reasoning has to do with the media not wanting to reveal Trump’s popularity bump he experienced since his speech.


A successful and popular Trump is a narrative disaster and so these numbers can’t be discussed according to some. While this may very well be true, protecting the narrative may come at a cost as Democrats who believe that everything is still in the bag for Biden may end up staying home.

Regardless, this omission seems to be a big one.



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