President Trump's Speech Is Exactly What America Needed

Screenshot via the RNC
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Donald Trump speaks at the White House to accept the Republican nomination for president of the United States. (Screenshot via the RNC)

I knew President Donald Trump’s speech was going to be good but not for the reasons a typical speech was going to be good. I initially thought it was going to be good because it was going to be the opposite of all the rhetoric we’re dosed with on a daily basis by the media, leftist radicals, Democrat politicians.


I had the idea in my head that I would hear Trump accept his nomination, say some things that made it clear he stands with America, and then walk off the stage. It would have been something of a mind-cleanser.

What we got was so much more.

Like me, you’re probably very tired. You can’t click on the news or open up social media without seeing someone badmouth our country or tearing it apart with looting, destruction, and violence. It weighs on the mind and on the soul.

Watching these people attack America and its people is like watching an innocent person being assaulted by an uninformed and unthinking mob. It hurts your heart since the person, though not perfect as none of us are, had dedicated her entire life to giving to those in need and helping to improve the lives of everyone who lived under her auspices.

Perhaps this wouldn’t be so bad if we knew these events were isolated to a few blue cities but we are currently weeks away from an election where people who agree with those destroying America have the possibility of taking power. The lunacy that has infected the left has spread to the very top and it’s difficult to understand how these people could become so wrong.

Trump’s speech last night was like ripping a curtain back in a room and showing us that it’s not actually dark. The sun is out and despite a few clouds in the sky, it’s a beautiful day. There’s work to be done and if take our lives into our own hands then we’ll be able to do it, and like Americans, our works will advance humanity in ways that we would have considered impossible just decades ago.


We’re powerful, we’re capable, but more importantly, Trump reminded us that we’re good. We’re not the vile, evil country that the left has labeled us as. We’re a country with so much to be proud of and so much that hasn’t been done yet.

The theme of the RNC was that “the best is yet to come” and while it was definitely meant to signal great things that would happen in the four extra years that Trump was going to be in office, Trump’s speech expanded that to mean something beyond him. The best is yet to come for America, we just have to remember who we are and make sure that we’re never thrown off that path again.

Rest assured, the people who have been screeching at, spitting on, and assaulting Americans would have us leave that path and put us on one that has never succeeded once. The socialism that the Democrats and their rioting voters want is a destructive force that has only ever benefited those who were at the top. They’re wholly ignorant of what they’re demanding but aren’t stopping to ask about it. They’re emotionally driven, not logically.

Like grown children, they rampage across cities. They make demands of our leaders and tell us these things won’t stop unless we give them what they want. Democrat leaders move to do just that in hopes that they will win the approval of criminals, rioters, and mobs. They don’t lead, they obey, and that obedience led to death and destruction, oftentimes of the very people, they claim to be rioting on behalf of.


You watch it unfold and wonder how deep into the madness we’re going to fall. Trump made it clear that we’re not going to, at least not under his watch. While Democrats are promising more destruction if their demands aren’t met, Trump was telling us that every American deserves safety and prosperity regardless of any met demands and that one way or another, we’ll have law and order.

It feels like we’ve lost America, but as Trump spoke I saw it again, even if briefly.

Trump’s speech wasn’t just a campaign speech, it was a reminder. We, America, have accomplished unbelievable things. We’ve conquered fascism, won the argument against communism, created a system that has been unmatched in prosperity and possibility, and the same spirit that conquered unrelenting wilderness is the same that has us looking at what we can overcome next. We look at these challenges not with fear but with anticipation.

So ready is America to overcome challenges that even Trump had to note it when he spoke about setting our feet and planting our flag on Mars itself.

America is the greatest country in the world and we’re ready to be even greater, and the speech that Trump delivered was a speech that made that clear. I’m happy to have sat down and watched it.


I, and maybe even you, needed to hear it.


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