We Remixed Billy Porter's Bizarre DNC Performance for Maximum Honesty

Image Created by Brandon Morse for RedState.com


Some things need more honest remixes.

A lot could be said about the DNC Convention’s odd start of a first day, but even more could be said about its absolutely bizarre end performance.


Billy Porter and Stephen Stills teamed up for a revamp of the old 60’s staple “For What It’s Worth” and it was definitely a…performance.

Porter’s signature “hey look at me, I’m wearing women’s clothing” look was in effect as he danced and billowed around while Stills played guitar. In the background, there were tons of references to black lives matter marches. The entire performance was another “moral equivalent of a bad war” vibe that was prevalent in the ’60s.

Only we at RedState couldn’t help but find the performance a bit dishonest. It didn’t really give you the 360 look into what Black Lives Matter really was…so we thought I, RedState’s resident video maker, should lend a hand.

I think this remix of the performance is a bit closer to reality than the one Porter and the DNC were trying to sell.

Not to undercut Porter’s performance or anything. It’d be a real shame if this video got spread far and wide.


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