Adam Carolla Is Right About the End Result of the Media

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In this Thursday, May 28, 2015 photo, Adam Carolla speaks during and interview in New York. Carolla, the father of 9-year-old twins, speaks volumes in the title of his latest book, “Daddy, Stop Talking!” (AP Photo/Richard Drew)

Comedian and former Man Show host Adam Carolla had a prediction about the media that is dead-on, and we know it’s dead-on because his prediction already happened.

On a recent episode of The Adam Carolla Show podcast, the comedian sat down with former Cheers star Kirstie Alley, where they both got onto the topic of today’s political environment and how it’s become so unforgiving and, frankly, stupid.

The two specifically got onto the subject of the left’s embrace of “cancel culture,” and both Carolla and Alley agreed that neither could get behind it despite always considering herself to be a Democrat.

“I was always a Democrat, but what I see now has nothing to do with being a Democrat,” said Alley. “It’s flipped my mind. I don’t know what’s happening, and I’m trying to formulate thoughts and put myself to the test. Am I a racist? Am I a Nazi? Am I this, did I do this?”

“I know the answer to those questions, and they’re ‘no,’ but you have to admit it’s sort of freaky now what’s going on,” she added.

Carolla agreed that he, too, was once a Democrat but now finds himself in a “the party left me” situation.

“The Democrat party has gone so far left I just disagree with most of the stuff they’re now talking about,” said Carolla.

The two continued the conversation, noting how things have changed so much in just a few decades.

“I never felt like it used to be that way. Maybe that’s what you say when you’re old,” said Alley. “I felt like I could disagree without being called something and be canceled … I don’t think you take people’s livelihoods and reputations even if you disagree with them.”

“I don’t have to go, ‘yes! Brave!’ Why do I have to f***ing do this?” she asked.

“If a larger group of us say what you just said no one would have to do it,” said Carolla. “Most people are just scared for their jobs, quite honestly. The woke f***ing mob is trying to pull the McCarthyism on everyone. They’re hypocrites and they’re really bad people.”

“I know really decent people and I see what the media tries to do to them, not trying to fact check them but take statements they made and turn them, intentionally, into a bad human. Not a human you disagree with but a bad human,” Carolla said. “I realize that it works on a large portion of our society and it poisons them.”

Carolla finished his thought with an accurate statement.

“All the dumb lemmings read the headline, ‘he’s pro marital rape … F*** that guy,’” he said. “They’re actually getting dangerous now because of the s*** they’re saying. They’re gonna get people killed.”

Carolla is right about the media but wrong about the timeline. It’s not going to happen, it already has.

The media’s stoking of the fires of racism, class, and more have caused extreme behaviors that have not just landed people in the hospital in critical condition but body bags have already begun piling up.

Names like David Dorn, Cannon Hinnant, Secoriea Turner, Jessica Doty Whitaker, and others are dead as a result of the media throwing gasoline on an already raging fire. They’ve sewed so much division and made so many people turn against one another that the violence has gone above and beyond excusable. Thanks to the media, rioters have shown up at people’s homes and began intimidating and assaulting them. They make excuses for those who do commit violence and do their best to hide their crimes away from society.

People aren’t going to die, they’re dead.

But Carolla brings up a point that needs to be made again and again until it’s drilled into our heads.

The media is not our friend. It’s not a service. The media is a business and that business has agendas. It has a vested interest in making you watch and believe what they say.

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The number of dead and dying can be blamed on quite a few groups, but none more so than the media. They’re the ringmasters of this circus.


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