Watch: Indianapolis BLM Member Threatens Motorist With Firearm, Calls It Self-Defense for Child in the Road

BLM brandishes

BLM may have sunk to new lows.

The left once considered firearms to be the ultimate plague on our society, but if they’re used in a capacity that supports leftist causes, then you can illegally brandish and threaten people as much as you want with one.


During a highway-blocking Black Lives Matter demonstration, one member decided to bring his firearm and point it at motorists trying to get by. The Indianapolis Recorder, noted the moment when a blue truck allegedly revved its engine and the BLM member pointed his firearm at the driver in order to defend a “little girl,” prompting the driver to then turned around:

While members of the group tried to redirect traffic, a driver in a blue truck revved the engine, sending protesters scrambling to the sidewalk. One protester, who only identified himself as “Icon,” pulled a gun on the driver.

“I was scared he was going to kill me,” he said. “I stepped in front of a little girl when he revved his engine, but, yes, I absolutely drew a gun to defend myself.”

After a few minutes, the driver turned around, and the protesters continued toward Monument Circle. A group of roughly 10 cars trailed behind the group heading toward Monument Circle. Some honked in solidarity with the protest, others in frustration.

The recorded video shows a different story. In the video, you can see the truck trying to get by but rioters continue to block the vehicle. “Icon” has both fingers on the trigger as he stands in front of the truck. The truck attempts to back up and get around the mob but the mob continues to move with the truck.


There is no little girl to be seen in the video, but one person does mention that they should “get that baby” but points to the sidewalk away from the truck.

It’s unclear if the child was in the road when the truck approached.

According to Indianapolis city-county council member Michael-Paul Hart, he demanded an investigation take place against the BLM gun wielder, and apparently, one finally began.

We often hear about how these are “peaceful protests” but threatening motorists with a firearm is far from peaceful.

Moreover, if the child who was alleged to be there was in the road with the BLM demonstration then that means they’re using children to force motorists to stop and prevent them from forcing their way through. This should be seen as child endangerment and the parent of the child should be investigated as well.


While I’m not a fan of CPS, this is one of those times where the law should come down heavily. Demonstrating in the road is one thing, brandishing a firearm another, but using children as shields is a different ballgame that could start a mess of criminal activity that has no place in a civilized country like our own.

At this time, the investigation is still underway. It would appear that no suspects have been named in the investigation yet.

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