The Morse Code Ep 22: Antifa Will Learn the Hard Way

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The Morse Code

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I worry about Antifa members. While I despise Antifa with my heart and soul, it needs to be understood that most of its members are bored rich kids who have been made to feel guilty about their life of abundance and comfort by people with political agendas. They feel the only way to absolve themselves of said guilt is to lash out against the system that has given them so much.

July broke a gun sales record and not by a small amount either. The reason these gun sales have shot up isn’t a mystery. Antifa has inspired many people to look for ways to protect themselves and their homes. As Antifa is now beginning to make its way to the suburbs, the hardest lesson these mislead kids playing dress-up as revolutionaries is still to come.

(READ: A Warning to Rioters and Antifa Members Threatening to Come to the Suburbs)

In my latest podcast I discuss what’s going to go down.

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