Electing Democrats Is Electing Dangerous Mobs and Social Dictators

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Democrats aren’t the party of the people. Not anymore. They obey a different set now.

The point of an election is to put someone in office who you believe will best represent the country and have your will be done in the high halls of the city on the hill. You vote with your fellow citizens and whoever achieves the most votes wins.


That politician will then go to Washington as a representative of the people and do what their people sent them there to do.

That will more than likely be the case for any Republican you elect, but Democrats have shown us that it isn’t the people who voted them in whom they obey. They work for a different set of groups, the majority of whom have likely never voted. Their idea of “Democracy” isn’t voting, it’s mob justice and achieving goals through violence, destruction, and intimidation.

Democrats have proven to us time and again that they have an odd level of obedience toward the mob. Looking at Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler or Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan, the mob can literally conduct violent takeovers of cities, burn down businesses, threaten citizens, and kill people and they will either stand back and let it happen while making excuses or, as Wheeler is doing, protect these criminals from and law-and-order politicians who wish to intervene and stop the madness.

(This Is Your City On Democrat Control: Portland’s High Homicide Is a Peak at a Potentially Dark Timeline)

Democrat Representatives and Senators are no better. New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez effectively made rioters out to be innocent of their rioting by claiming they have no other choice in the matter. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi shrugged off the destruction and violence by simply saying “people will do what they do.” Senator Mazie Hirono effectively told everyone that the rioting is okay because Trump supporters are white supremacists.


These are elected officials who work in a sector of our society whose primary purpose is the protection of the people but they have abandoned the people in favor of the violent mobs and criminals in our society.

Why? That’s easy. They’re afraid.

It’s pretty clear that Democrats have created the monster that is now eating their cities alive. Years of pushing social justice, racial and class division, and more have finished gestating into the violent riots and mobs you see before you. These hard-left elements have now taken over the Democratic party and now force it to obey their every command or else.

Disobey and the mob will destroy your reputation and perhaps even come to your home. When it comes to who is in control in Democrat-controlled areas, it’s not the politicians elected by the people, it’s the mob.

Voting in a Democrat on any level, be it a representative, a mayor, or even president, is effectively handing over control to the mob whom your elected Democrat politicians will obey.

I would like to tell you that these mobs will go away after Trump is out of office but that won’t be the case. The mob has grown far beyond the power of anyone at this point, except for those who maintain that law and order in their cities.

At this point, a Democrat politician is just a delivery system for mob rule.

Nothing they say or do will matter as the will of the mob will be the only real law in that area. Defense against the mob in any way will be a punishable offense.


You must prostrate and allow the mob to do as it will as the politicians have, or else.

You often hear a tired phrase during every election about this being the most important election in America’s history, but this election truly is something important. It’s the decision between either embracing very real and very dangerous lawlessness that has been festering in Democrat-controlled cities or choosing law and order. It’s about either the people bringing control in from the chaos and returning to the Republic we have crafted, or handing that control over to social dictators who will ruin your life without a second thought because you displeased them in some way.

This is literally liberty vs. tyranny.

The question you should ask yourself is whether you want to maintain control over your own destiny or have your life taken into the hands of others by force.

This isn’t a crossroads we should take lightly.




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