Homeschooling Is One of the Left's Worst Nightmares So Expect a Long Fight

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In this Oct. 9, 2019, photo, Donya Grant, center, works on a homeschool lesson with her son Kemper, 14, as her daughter Rowyn, 11, works at right, at their home in Monroe, Wash. The family joined a lawsuit against the Monroe School District and others, alleging that the district failed to adequately respond to PCBs, or polychlorinated biphenyls, at the Sky Valley Education Center, a K-12 public school. Grant has homeschooled her children since they left Sky Valley in 2016 for health reasons that they believe were related to the toxic chemicals. (AP Photo/Ted S. Warren)

Homeschooling is on the rise, and the left can’t stand it.

The COVID-19 pandemic forced a lot of children out of the schools and into the home where they had to be set up in front of computers to learn from their teachers remotely.

This had some interesting effects. Parents everywhere were forced to become teachers themselves as they dealt with helping the children attempt to wrap their head around the material. Many parents swiftly became frustrated as much of what passes as education nowadays has taken a bizarre turn from what they learned when the parents were children.

Much of this is parents getting their first real good look at the common core curriculum, and many aren’t happy to the point of an academic revolt. Not only are their children learning total nonsense, but they’re also placed in front of a computer for hours on end every day. Parents are witnessing all the issues plaguing their children and, as Americans do, are already looking to solve the problem.

Many discussions have been had between parents about how they can conduct the schooling of their children in a Coronavirus world and while ideas come and go, the constant is the revert to homeschooling. It would allow parents to take the reigns on how their children learn, what they learn, and allows for more malleability in the schedule, allowing for things like recreational activity which public schools have lessened a lot over the years.


Parents know what their children need and, if possible, will do what’s necessary to give them the best education they can. If that means teaching them from the home, then so be it. They’ll find a way to do that either by doing it themselves or hiring a private tutor.

This can’t be worse news for the left.

The left has spent a lot of time, effort, and money in putting their people in places and positions that would essentially make the American academic system the territory of the left. Access to your children is and always has been one of its greatest agenda points. The results of this taking over of our education system can be seen in various ways.

The school district in Austin, Texas approved a sex-ed curriculum for children as young as six or seven, including teaching about condom use. It is now required for Illinois students to learn about LGBT history and transgender acceptance. California is doing much of the same, only they’re making it illegal to opt your child out of it.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. I don’t think I need to tell you much about the state of higher education. The ongoing riots by college-aged white children burning down cities while chanting about how they stand against evil is a pretty good gauge.

It’s hard to teach your children what to think when you can’t pry them away from your parents. It’s hard to raise loyal voters from childhood if their parents are between you and them. Removing the parent has always been easy thanks to public school but now it’s a bit more complicated.


So the left must now contend with homeschooling or the war on parents raising their own children. It has to or it may lose one of its strongest footholds.

And don’t think this war hasn’t already begun.

As Laura Hollis wrote at Townhall in April, one Harvard professor has already begun the assault:

Harvard Magazine published a truly awful article this past week in which Elizabeth Bartholet, a Harvard Law School professor and the director of its Child Advocacy Program, comes out strongly against homeschooling. Bartholet’s interview is a smorgasbord of selective outrage and red herrings. She points to isolated instances of neglect by homeschooling parents (mentioning exactly one example) but conveniently ignores shocking evidence of widespread sexual abuse and physical violence in America’s public schools (1.1 million serious incidents, according to a 2016 report originally published under then-President Barack Obama’s administration).

Bartholet also ignores the reams of evidence demonstrating that homeschooled children do better academically, socially and professionally than their public-schooled peers.

Bartholet’s attack on homeschooling was roundly criticized by members of the right and right-leaning media, but others, such as the Washington Post and Salon, both joined in on the attack. The Harvard professor lamented the “authoritarian control over their children” and that “it’s always dangerous to put powerful people in charge of the powerless, and to give the powerful ones total ­authority.”


Rich, coming from a woman advocating government take control of the education of children away from parents and put it into the hands of people like her.

To make sure all the bases were covered, Bartholet warned that many homeschooling parents “are driven by conservative Christian beliefs” and warned that some of these parents are “extreme religious ideologues.”

The horror.

Hollis warns that while these people may be rightly seen as nutbags, she warns that these people need to be taken far more seriously than we think. These are the people who will lead others into putting on a very well funded, well-coordinated attack on homeschooling.

She is correct.

You, the parent, are an obstacle that must be overcome and if that means making it illegal to teach your child in your own home then attacking parental rights is exactly the route they will take. Judging by the past, it’s not hard to see how they’ll do it either.

Lawsuits against parents will begin to spring up left and right from special interest groups about child abuse or neglect that have no bearing in reality. They won’t need to have any bearing in reality because the news media will report on the situation like it is. The assault on the character and integrity of those homeschooling their children will be brutal. They will become social pariahs. The call will go out that something must be done and politicians will have legislation ready to go that takes your own children out of your hands and into theirs.


It’s an old trick that they’ve used to pass laws about everything from abortion to guns.

I want to remind everyone that while electing President Donald Trump for a second term will definitely help, it won’t stop the war against homeschoolers. Unless local groups looking to protect the rights of parents are supported, then the left will steamroll over them and you. Trump is just a stop-gap without showing up at the battlefields where the fight is actually happening.

Vote accordingly.



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