It's Undeniable That Black Lives Matter Is Just a Marxist Plot at This Point

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A Black Lives Matter mural is scrubbed away in Redwood City, Cali. after a Trump supporter proposed creating a “MAGA” mural. (Screenshot via CBS)

Black Lives Matter was a good cover, but I think at this point it’s gotten so big and so powerful that the movement is hardly trying to hide what it really is. It’s happy to allow anyone who isn’t paying attention to continue to believe that the movement is about protecting and giving equity to black lives, but there isn’t really much holding that narrative together but pure ignorance and media glue.

The truth is that Black Lives Matter is a Marxist organization whose sole purpose is the toppling of the American system of capitalism and Judeo-Christian values in order to replace it with a socialistic system via a violent revolution like the kind seen in the past.

The Black Lives Matter movement, created and guided by self-proclaimed trained Marxists, have been waging a civil war on America for years that Americans have been largely ignorant of.

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The Marxist’s success in winning this war lies with you not thinking you are currently engaged in a war at all. The less you fight back the better it is for them. In order to keep you from suspecting anything, they mask their activities in terms of social justice. They use terms such as “equality” and “acceptance” in order to make you believe that not accepting a transgender man stripping in front of children is wrong or that speaking out against various movements makes you relatable to Hitler.

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They label their enemies with sensationalistic descriptions of outdated beliefs such as “racist” or “misogynistic.” The goal is to make their enemies seem like ignorant savages from an era we left behind long ago.

They foment outrage where there is none in order to create division among the populace, be it rich vs. poor, black vs. white, men vs. women, thin vs. fat, straight vs. gay, nationality vs. nationality, etc., etc., etc. There is no end to the number of divisions one can cause and the more divisions they cause, the more power they gain.

Black Lives Matter is certainly the latest and likely the largest attempt at dividing the people the Marxist left has ever produced. Since the Marxist left has never been so close to having its dream of toppling the greatest fount of wealth and power the world has ever seen, it has been all hands on deck. Politicians, the media, activist groups, and violent radicals have all united under the single cause of making sure that America bends to its will.

With the election coming up, and Donald Trump’s presidency on the line, the left has pulled out all the stops. Trump is the most hated president by the left since Lincoln, and they are doing everything in their power to see to it that he loses in November.

Black Lives Matter is just a piece of that.

Black Lives Matter initially sold itself as an equality movement but it was revealed that, in truth, the goal was never about protecting black lives. As the actor Terry Crews exposed to the world, BLM doesn’t really care about the dead or dying in the black communities. It’s not looking to solve the problems that the black community faces.

Its primary goal, as mentioned above, is a systematic deconstruction of our country. It does this stripping away, slowly but surely, the systems we have in place to keep America strong. It attacks our police force, it infiltrates and perverts our education system, it openly makes hostile actions against those in power, it commits violence to those it disagrees with, and it forces corporations and businesses to not only cave to its will but carry its message.

Do this openly both to embolden their supporters and dissuade those who would speak out against them with the threat of consequences.

This has been helped by Democratic leaders who continue to make excuses and bow to the rioters and mobs that consist of BLM’s footsoldiers. Even those who act out in defense are punished either in the court of law or the court of public opinion.

BLM has gone to great lengths to control our nation’s narratives, make us weak to its attacks, and makes it a point to poisoning the well of knowledge in order to bring up Marxists like themselves from childhood.

If Black Lives Matter was the movement it claims it is, it would not be burning down black neighborhoods and shrugging off the death and destruction of black lives at the hands of its own rioters. It would not be attempting to do harm to those who openly speak out against it. If black lives truly mattered to Black Lives Matter it would adopt the same goals as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., but they actively spit in the face of those beliefs.

As you look out at the continued violence of BLM supporters, remember that its not here to help, it’s here to harm. It doesn’t care about anything it claims to care about. It truly is an evil movement bent on ruling you.


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