Black Lives Matter Attempts to Start Riot at Dallas Restaurant, Get Denounced by Black Patrons

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Black Lives Matter activists showed up in downtown Dallas and attempted to escalate tensions but found themselves denounced by some of the black patrons who showed up to have a peaceful night.


As the riot spun up, a black man named Damani Bryant Felder began filming live to Instagram and began openly denouncing the activists as they began chanting and intimidating those attempting to have a nice night out. As Felder points out, there were people of all races peacefully enjoying their meal. Some of them even had their children with them.

As Felder continues to film, the activists begin to get violent. They begin screaming, throwing things, and attempt to start getting destructive. All the while, Fedler continues to openly denounce them.

One interesting thing that Felder notes is that the majority of the activists were young white people. In fact, it would appear that there were more black families attempting to enjoy a meal at the restaurant then there were activists conducting the protests. Felder called them out on this.

“They came out here to create a scene and now they’re acting like they’re the oppressed people,” said Felder.

“They brought this on this entire establishment because they cannot fucking behave and they can’t learn to express themselves like adults,” he continued.

Felder pointed out that everyone else was having a nice night and were exhibiting exactly what we should all be working toward in terms of racial equality. Many peoples of many races coming together to enjoy themselves without any problems. Felder noted that the only people making the problems were the activists. He even made mention that a black artist was entertaining the people before the activists showed up.


“All they care about is creating this manufactured outrage, this chaos, their rationale is ‘if we are upset no one else can enjoy any peace whatsoever’,” said Felder.

Felder also pointed out that Black Lives Matter is a Marxist institution pushing this kind of disruption on the people.

“This is marxism, cultural marxism to a tee, they did not come out here to be heard, they came out here to create a scene,” said Felder.

Other black people joined Felder as he filmed and denounced the activists. They all pointed out that while black lives do matter, this is not the way to conduct themselves.

“I’ve talked to multiple black people tonight who are out here, who are genuinely ashamed,” said Felder, “because they realize this is not the way, the manner, in which you express your outrage.”

Felder’s commentary is correct. Black Lives Matter leaders are openly Marxist and are more interested in sewing division and disruption than actually producing to solutions.

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The idea that black lives matter is an obvious one, especially in America where the idea that all men are created equal is part of our foundation. However, BLM’s activism has turned off many people, including those in the black community, who have often been on the receiving end of BLM’s destructive tendencies.

It needs to be understood that Black Lives Matter the institution is different from “black lives matter” the idea and that the two should exist as completely separate entities. BLM the organization is constantly co-opting the idea in order to grow itself on the backs of America’s goodwill. They encourage division, not solutions. The results of which can be seen through Felder’s video.

As Felder correctly points out, black lives do indeed matter but this disruptive behavior is not helping anything.


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