Ted Cruz Shuts AOC Down After She Attempted to Dismiss the Left's Radicalism

Erin Scott/Pool via AP
Ted Cruz AP featured image
Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, speaks during a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing examining issues facing prisons and jails during the coronavirus pandemic on Capitol Hill in Washington, Tuesday, June 2, 2020. (Erin Scott/Pool via AP)

Texas Senator Ted Cruz wasn’t about to let New York Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez get away with downplaying the Democrat party’s soft spot for radicalism. The two sparred on Twitter in an exchange that AOC clearly lost.

Sunday morning, Cruz laid down some simple facts about Democrat positions when it comes to the extremism seen during the riots and the party’s fear of these extremists.

“Dems support the riots. The vandals. The anarchists. That’s their base. And they’re terrified to offend them,” he said in response to a tweet about Joe Biden’s failure to mention his position on illegally tearing down statues.

AOC saw this and decided to mount a defense for the Democrats which amounted to saying Democrats are moderates because they nominated Biden as their candidate to run against President Donald Trump. She added in a separate tweet that the GOP’s tactic of pushing conspiracy theories was going off the rails.


Cruz responded not much later and wrecked AOC’s entire narrative, pointing out that it was she and her ilk that Biden was terrified of, then listed the things she herself has been promoting.

“You’re the base he’s terrified of,” said the Texas Senator. “Do you support: 1) Tearing down statues of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson & Abraham Lincoln? 2) Destroying Mt. Rushmore. 3) Abolishing the police. 4) Acquiescing to “autonomous” lawless zones like CHAZ/CHOP? 5) ANTIFA mob violence?”

If you go by the left’s own rules (rules that AOC has expressed agreement with) then AOC is certainly one of the extremists. For instance, AOC accused the entire GOP of condoning comments of Trump’s the left labeled as xenophobic and racist. However, when asked if AOC supported the firebombing attacks on an ICE facility that were carried out in 2020 by a member of Antifa, AOC went silent and refused to answer the question.


Going silent about extremist acts carried out by leftist groups is often a topic you won’t hear much out of AOC about. However, we don’t have to take her silence as approval of Antifa, we can take her actions. Last year, AOC openly advocated for a bail fund for Boston’s Antifa.

It should also be noted that Biden isn’t any better. Last year during his campaign announcement, he called Antifa “courageous.”

Cruz’s claim that the Democrats are falling in line with these radicals because they’re afraid is accurate. The mob is just as ready to come against a Democrat as they are anyone else. Democrats made this bed, however, and now they have to sleep in it. They pushed victimization and radicalization for years in order to have their agenda carried out and it worked. Now they’re a slave to the very monster they created. AOC is a direct result of it.



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