Watch: College Kids Try to Explain What the 4th of July Is About, Fail Miserably

Screenshot from Campus Reform interview captured from YouTube.

College Kids Can't Answer Basic History Questions

We don’t expect college to educate kids on America’s history, in fact, we assume the opposite will happen. Turns out that high school isn’t much better either.


A recent man on the street interview by Campus Reform saw many college-aged kids asked about what they think of America, its history, and what the 4th of July means. Nearly all of them showed an astounding level of ignorance, and not even just ignorance, but disinformation.

Most didn’t know the 4th of July celebrates the day we declared independence, and all but one couldn’t even come close to guessing the year. Guesses as to which war helped us gain our independence ranged from the Civil War to World War 2.

What they didn’t know isn’t even as shocking as what they thought they knew.

Nearly all of them believed that America is a racist country founded on racism. This is completely false as Lincoln himself pointed out during a speech generations ago.

“America was built off slavery,” said one of the kids.

One of the kids said that America is built off a bad legacy and that the presidency of Donald Trump is proof that our country is a racist one.

There was, however, awareness by the students that something was missing once confronted with their own ignorance. One confessed to never having been taught any of this in school.

“I just know that teachers do not want to teach it,” said one of the kids.


Campus Reform later proved this in the same video as an interview was conducted with a couple of teachers, one of whom admitted to not teaching American history, focusing instead of social issues and painting America as a racist country. Sadly enough, the teacher didn’t even seem to know what year we won our independence.

The college students didn’t seem at all uninterested in learning about our history. One even enthusiastically offered that everyone should be learning about it, but it’s clear by the ignorance held by these students that academia just isn’t going to do that. Instead, it appears that it’s more interested in teaching them how to think about certain issues and loading them up with false facts.

If anything, it seems to me that we need a massive overhaul of our education system. The product being churned out right now by our colleges, universities, and even high schools is what you see in this video and that’s far from good for this nation or the students themselves.



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