Harvard Grad Who Threatened to Stab Anyone Saying "All Lives Matter" Fired, Blames Trump Supporters

Screenshot from video containing Claira Janover threatening to stab those who say "All Lives Matter"

"Ima stab you" threatens Claira Janover

“I’ma stab you.”

If you haven’t seen Claira Janover’s threat to stab anyone who says “All Lives Matter,” then here it is in the video below. To sum it up, if you say “All Lives Matter” she’s going to stab you, then show her paper cut to you while you’re bleeding out and say that her cut matters as well.


It’s not the best metaphor, but what do you expect from crazy people?

As will happen when you post terrible things like this, her video began making the rounds, especially in conservatives circles. Eventually, the video got around to being shown to the admins at her place of work and she was promptly fired.

Janover is, according to her Tik Tok updates, devastated over the loss of her job. According to her tearful videos, she’s wholly upset by the fact that the job she says she worked so hard for terminated her, but she’s failing to take any responsibility for her actions whatsoever.

In fact, she’s blaming Trump supporters.

According to Janover, it’s the fault of Trump supporters that her life is collapsing around her and they’re doing this because all she was trying to do was support Black Lives Matter. Janover believes that her trying to stand up for black people is what is causing Trump supporters to bring her down.

She also lashed out at her former place of work.

“I’m sorry, Deloitte, that you can’t see that,” she said. “That you were cowardice [sic] enough to fight somebody who’s going to make an indelible change in the world and is going to have an impact.”


I want to point out a few things here. She claims she’s receiving death and rape threats. I’m not entirely sure this is true as I haven’t seen any myself, but I want to condemn them if there are any. The last thing I want to do is sink to her depths and cheer these on because she acted a fool.

That said I feel like I need to point out the obvious fact that this woman was fired, not for standing up for Black Lives Matter, but because she threatened violence. The cognitive dissonance you have to have to believe you were fired for supporting a movement with such a high approval rating that it’s shaming both political parties in terms of depth of support is wackadoo.

The interesting part is that she was fired for threatening violence against someone who was trying to promote the idea of equality which was registered by her place of employment.

This means that the phrase “All Lives Matter” is considered a good phrase despite all the mainstream announcements of the phrase because, as they claim, it takes away attention from the problems surrounding the black community. If she had made the threat of cutting actual racists who intend to do harm, things might have turned out different for her, but her place of businesses didn’t recognize the phrase “all lives matter” as a white supremacist one as some would claim.


That’s because “all lives matter” isn’t the racist distraction that many left-leaning activists and Twitter outrage mob members claim it is.

For proof, I’d love to direct you to the counter-protesters at a black lives matter protesters. You’ll notice they’re black, you’ll notice they’re denouncing black lives matter’s true agenda, and you’ll notice that they’re shouting “all lives matter.”

Is this Harvard grad protecting the black community going to stab these black people for chanting that all lives matter? Is she going to stand over their bleeding bodies?

I doubt it.




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