Dear Media, Being Unarmed Does Not Mean Being Peaceful

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American flag stolen in the CHAZ

You can be unarmed and still be incredibly violent.

My colleague Sister Toldjah made a very excellent point on Monday while debating someone on Twitter and I’m not entirely sure that this idea gets a lot of play in our media.

You’ve likely heard media figures, protesters, and politicians wax tragic over a forceful response to “unarmed” protesters. As Toldjah noted in her tweet, being unarmed doesn’t mean non-violent.

President Donald Trump was retweeting an ABC report which featured a St. Louis couple wielding guns in front of their home to deter a trespassing mob that had come into a private neighborhood in order to demand the resignation of St. Louis’s mayor. While simply retweeting this, it’s not hard to discern what Trump was trying to do by retweeting this video.

Trump was making it clear that defending your home with firearms is a good thing, even to the point of having them out as a deterrence. This, of course, wasn’t taken well.

However, it’s not just a point Trump was making. Many people have made this very point since the video of the couple came out, and many have responded the same way, with complaints that a threat of armed force was used against unarmed “peaceful” protesters.

As a quick aside, I want to re-up what I said in my last article. You cease being “peaceful” when you show up at someone’s home. This is purely an intimidation tactic and the threat against someone’s family and private property makes it a personal affair.

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That said, you don’t have to show up with a knife or a gun in order to be considered “safe.” We’ve seen time and again during the recent BLM riots that high amounts of danger come with a group of people looking to destroy, burn, and do violence.

Here are some more examples of just how threatening unarmed people can be.

Watch as BLM protesters begin destroying someone’s personal vehicle, and demand they come out.

An officer recently had to do the same.

Every single one of these videos I just listed contained people who were threatened and/or brutally beaten by a mob that didn’t come with weapons, but either used tools as weapons or found objects lying around that allowed them to do damage. Some people didn’t even have to do that, and just began pummeling and kicking those who went against the mob’s activities.

Pearl clutching when someone uses direct force against a mob is a silly thing to do. In the interest of someone’s personal safety or the safety of their loved ones, wielding whatever weapon you have against them is not a crazy thing.

If your weapon is a one-ton car with a V6 engine and a mob is breaking your windows, trying to open your doors, and demanding you exit the vehicle to face whatever “justice” they have in mind for you, then that mob has openly demonstrated that they’re not peaceful or non-violent and whoever is in the way of your machine when you gun it is an attacker who lost the fight.

The same goes for wielding firearms, high-pressure hoses, tear gas canisters, rubber bullets, and more. If you’re part of a mob that is currently demonstrating a penchant and desire for violence, don’t be surprised when people retaliate violently, whether you’re armed or not.

Violence is violence with or without a weapon, and this attempt by leftists to paint themselves as peaceful because they didn’t bring anything with them that would traditionally count as a weapon is just more false narrative driving.


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