The Utter Ignorance of Laughing at the Female Officer Crying After a McDonald's Visit

Image from Twitter video. Uploaded by Brandon Morse.

A viral video has begun making the rounds featuring a female police officer from Georgia telling a story about a problem she had getting some breakfast at McDonald’s.


In it, the officer tells us that after having been up for hours on end, she went to McDonald’s to get some coffee and biscuit from the drive-thru. She places her order, pays at the first window, and then pulls up to the second and waits for her food. According to her, the people who took her order can’t even remember what she ordered. After that, the food doesn’t come for a very long time. In fact, it never does.

She then asked to pull up because her food isn’t ready yet, and after even more waiting, someone comes out with coffee. At that point, the woman tells them not to worry about the food. She’s too nervous to take it.

At this point, the woman breaks down into tears, but not over the sandwich. She’s in tears because, as you can plainly tell, she’s currently at the end of her rope with all that the stress that is being put on her.

I want to defend this woman who, in a time of darkness, reached out to her fellow man for sympathy and support and received condemnation, mockery, and hatred in return. They’re calling her names like “Officer Karen,” and making light of her worry.


If this woman was losing it over a sandwich, I’d be laughing right alongside everyone else, but the simple fact of the matter is that this woman has the entire world seemingly turned against her right now, and for no defensible reason.

This woman is currently a part of one of the most groups in the world right now. Anyone who dons a badge is automatically considered evil and dangerous with ill intent without any question right now, which is as sad as it is foolish. To believe that even a solid chunk of the police are like the one that kneeled on George Floyd’s neck for nearly nine minutes is laughable. Regardless, people look at this woman as if she knelt on his neck.

It’s unfair to do this to her or any other officer. She is not guilty of his sins just as you aren’t guilty of your neighbor’s, your coworker’s, or anyone with your skin color.

On top of receiving that general hate, she’s now having to tackle the distrust she now feels because of said hate. She notes that she was too nervous to take any food at that time and why wouldn’t she be? She’s probably read the story about how officers were poisoned recently. It’s reported to have been a false alarm, but perhaps she hadn’t read that at all. What she can confirm is that she’s seen video after video of officers being attacked and stories of them being shot.


She’s currently a target for sinister people and yet she still puts on a badge and goes out to serve and protect every day.

This has been going on for some time now and after having this stress prolonged, you’d be more than on edge too. What’s more, she has to go out to serve and protect the very same people who consider her on par with Adolph Hitler simply because she’s doing a job that society needs to be performed. They hate her and she serves them.

And she serves them by doing a job that not everyone has the heart for.

I used to ride around with my dad when he went out on patrol when I was growing up. Some of the things I’ve seen — and it was just a peek behind the figurative curtain — are things that many people will never see in their lifetime, and they’ll never have to see it thanks to these men and women in law enforcement.

The job changes you because you’re taking the brunt of the worst humanity has to offer so everyone else can live free of it. Your stress levels go up and you never know if the next call is going to be your last. Family members have to make peace with the fact that when their spouse, mother, or father walks out of that door to begin his shift, he may not come back through it ever again.


This woman in the video is shouldering all of that…and all she wanted was to have some breakfast.

This woman is allowed her tears. They aren’t just tears over a sandwich. They were tears about everything that is happening right now. All the unjust nonsense happening in the world that is currently being laid at her feet and the feet of the law enforcement community. All the unjust response toward police is being aimed at her and her fellow badge carriers. Long shifts of dealing with 10 percent of the population 90 percent of the time and much of that 10 percent having the worst day of their life.

She deserves better.


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