Medical Staff's Response to a Man's Question On Which Black Lives Matter Is Chilling

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Saying “black lives matter” is a massive virtue signal that allows you to easily rattle off a platitude and score points with strangers while having to do absolutely no critical thinking or, to be honest, not even actually caring about black lives.


However, one man was capable of blowing the lid off of this farce with a simple series of questions.

Approaching a group of medical staff at a hospital, a man asked if black lives matter. He received an enthusiastic “yes” from the crowd. He then continued, asking if the black lives taken by black lives matter. The “yes” was a bit tepid but he got one nonetheless.

But then the man broke out the real reason he began asking the questions and the response was predictable, but even its predictability didn’t stop the silence from being stunning.

“The black babies killed in the abortion clinics matter, right?” asked the man.

The only response he got to his question was absolute and total silence.

“Thought so,” the man said.

He went on to essentially shame the medical staff for their stance of only caring for black lives if they’re killed on the street.

“If we don’t respect the lives of our unborn children, enough to save them and fight for them, our lives mean nothing once we’re born,” he said.

He’s correct.


Either black lives matter all the time or they don’t matter any of the time. You don’t start magically becoming a black life that matters upon your emergence into the world, yet that’s the way the left would have you look at things.

Furthermore, it’s very interesting to me that this total concern for life that was professed by medical professionals like these suddenly becomes hollow when that life doesn’t meet certain criteria. How often do these people see mothers and fathers distraught and destroyed because they had a miscarriage, or were beside the parents as they prayerfully watched their child struggle to survive after being born too early or with health complications?

It goes to show that people really only believe black lives matter if it’s trendy to do so. Once the law of undulation takes effect and BLM begins to, once more, fade into the back of the public consciousness, the black lives taken in both the streets and in the womb won’t really get much of an afterthought.

This is the sad reality of our culture.


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