Watch and Cringe: Leftist London Leader Supporting Removal of Churchill Statue Doesn't Know Who He Is

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Protesters gather around Winston Churchill statue in Parliament Square during the Black Lives Matter protest rally in London, Sunday, June 7, 2020, in response to the recent killing of George Floyd by police officers in Minneapolis, USA, that has led to protests in many countries and across the US. (AP Photo/Frank Augstein)

The wokest crowd in history wants to take down statues of evil people left and right, whether they’re actually evil or not. In fact, they don’t really care who the statues represent. The woke crowd apparently isn’t even interested in finding out who these people are.

Even if these people ended slavery or helped lead their people to the destruction of the Nazis.

One of the statues currently on the chopping block is Britain’s most famous Prime Minister in its long history, Winston Churchill. Churchill lead war effort against Nazi Germany and was responsible for his island’s defense during one of the world’s darkest moments in history.

You may be wondering why anyone would want to tear down his statue. The answer is that they appear to have no idea who he is.

Lorraine Jones is the chair of the Lambeth Independent Police Advisory Group and sat down with Cathy Newman of Channel 4 News in London. Newman asked Jones about the removal of the statues and the “far-right protesters” who were guarding it.

“They were not guarding the Churchill statue. The thuggery which we all witness was horrifying and totally unacceptable, so that was just an excuse,” said Jones.

“I think that what needs to happen,” she continued, “which I know has already started, we need to look at the people that are being placed on a high pedestal in this society, the reasons why they are, and honestly and rightfully [decide] if they are supposed to be removed, and the sooner the government can make the decisions to take down the statues which shouldn’t be there, place them in a museum, like there are some people have requested, the better.”


Newman asked if the Churchill statue should come down or not. It was then that Jones blew the whole scheme wide open.

“I’ve heard many arguments on both sides; some say that he’s a racist some say that he’s a hero,” said Jones. “I haven’t personally met him, but what I would say is that that question of whether he should remain should be put to the community.”

As you can probably imagine, Newman did nothing to inform Jones who Churchill was or the fact that he’s been dead since 1965.

This goes to show that much of the fervor over tearing down statues isn’t about stopping the glorification of evil people, it’s about blind degeneracy and ripping things apart just to rip things apart.

In America, statues of Abraham Lincoln, the president that lead the north in the civil war against a slaveholding confederacy of the south, was also vandalized. Among the other statues vandalized was the statue of abolitionist Matthias Baldwin, whose work against slavery became so well known that his business suffered as a result of it during his lifetime.


What role you played in history doesn’t seem to matter. If you meet certain criteria in terms of demographics, your statue will come under attack by protesters who don’t know your name, never bothered to look at why there is a statue of you in the first place, and may not even care if they learned anyway.

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