For Rioters, It Was Never About George Floyd, Justice, or Black Lives

For Rioters, It Was Never About George Floyd, Justice, or Black Lives
AP Photo/John Minchillo

These riots, looters, and rioters don’t care about George Floyd. They never did.

There are people out there who took to the streets after the murder of George Floyd in peaceful protest and I’m on the record being in full support of them. I still am. I think that there are problems that the law enforcement community and the black community have that can and should be worked out. The “Hatfield and McCoys” relationship the two have had has gone on for too long and I’m tired of watching both cops and black people die as a result of it.

I’ve written ad nauseum about the riots and anarchist organizations that globbed onto the protests and quickly escalated things. As a result, the number of burned down businesses, destroyed stores, and ruined dreams mounted into the stratosphere. Among all of these were black communities that now lie in smoldering flames and a few more black lives lost among the other bodies that piled up.

Despite all that, the defense for the riots echoed a Martin Luther King Jr. quote about riots being the language of the unheard. Without thinking too much more about the victims of the riots, especially the black victims, many people on the internet immediately agreed and began mounting a massive defense against anyone questioning the destruction.

Even after the damage was done and the point was made, the riots continued and the damage to people’s lives mounted. People left and right began speaking out against the riots, including Floyd’s own family. Pleas from black business owners whose lives were ruined after their stores were destroyed didn’t stop them either.

What’s more, in the aftermath, many people took to cleaning up the wreckage and repairing the damage. Though, even that has been met with angry responses and threats.

This woman and five other black women were busy cleaning up their town when someone pulled a gun on them. This woman records herself expressing her disdain and seems to “red pill” herself in the process. She cries as she expresses that this isn’t about black lives and no one is really trying to get justice for anyone.

It’s heartbreaking, but it’s true. People keep looking for the logic in these riots but they have to realize there isn’t really any at all. Socio-political forces are doing what’s necessary to drive the anger and division, including media and special interest groups who have a vested interest in stoking racial tensions. Many are perfectly happy to use that as an excuse to vent their frustrations in the form of riots and violence. It allows people who have struggled with the idea of being oppressed to feel powerful and in charge for a change. It’s a time when they can do the worst against people they’ve been taught to hate and essentially be rewarded for it.

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There is no justice for George Floyd in the riots, and justice for a slain man they never met wasn’t ever the goal. They don’t care about Floyd. Black men die all the time without them raising so much as an eyebrow over it.

Again, there are legitimate protests out there raising legitimate points, and the issue of George Floyd’s murder needs to be addressed and fixed.

But don’t expect the rioters to care about that. It’s not about Floyd and never was. This is about burning down a society that they’ve been taught to hate. From black rioters who feel like they’re finally getting back at white people who’ve oppressed them, to Antifa members who are working to bring down the capitalist system, Floyd is an afterthought.


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