Bailing Out Rioters Is Funding Domestic Terrorism

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Seattle antifa

Once again, Hollywood has decided to weigh in where it shouldn’t and this time, many celebrities are attempting to “help” by bailing out protesters who were jailed during the ongoing riots that sprang up due to the unjust murder of George Floyd.

According to the Washington Examiner, everyone from Justin Timberlake to Steve Carell have pledged to donate money to an organization dedicated to bailing out these “protesters”:

Roughly 4,000 people have been arrested since demonstrations broke out in major cities across the country in the wake of Floyd’s death.

Among the peaceful demonstrations, usually after dark, have been widespread looting, vandalism, and arson. Local police in dozens of cities have said they suspected people from outside their areas had infiltrated Black Lives Matter protests with the intent of being violent and causing further harm.

Over the weekend, Attorney General William Barr blamed some of the violence on antifa, a rising left-wing group responsible for similar rioting in American cities in recent years.

Several other celebrities have pledged to help bail arrested protesters out of jail, including Steve Carell and Seth Rogen.

While it’s doubtless that regular, peaceful protesters have been locked up and should be helped, police aren’t haphazardly rounding up peaceful people and throwing them in prison, and those who do are wrong to do so and should face punishment. Americans do not want to live in a police state, and many people are protesting from all races, creeds, and ideologies against Floyd’s death for that very reason.

But you can easily flip on the television and see that we’re currently suffering from a bad case of domestic terrorism thanks to rioters and the group Antifa, which is doing what it likes to do, and that’s take the opportunity to be destructive and violent as a terrorist group will.

Rioters and Antifa are oftentimes arrested by police and for good reason. They’re a danger to everyone and they need to be kept off the streets when they’re found doing something destructive or violent.

I’m sure some celebrities aren’t fully aware of this fact. They likely believe that the majority of these protesters were unjustly arrested or were just at the wrong place at the wrong time, and now need help to get out of jail. However, it’s hard to come to that conclusion when they can see the devastation and destruction on any working television screen right now.

I’m all about helping people who need it and deserve it, but if that person was snatched up because they were breaking into places, destroying property, stealing, burning, or hurting people, then they not only deserve to be there, they need to stay there.

Trying to get them released from prison by paying their way out is essentially funding domestic terrorism. You’re lending financial aid to those who would do harm to others in our country.

As tensions continue to mount and the antes are upped, it’s best not to reinforce the troops who have very recently threatened to leave the city streets and take it into the suburbs where people’s homes are.

If celebrities and politicians want to help that along, then they’re guilty of some very heinous stuff and any harm or destruction that comes as a result of these actions should be placed on their shoulders.


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