Picking and Choosing What Is Racist Makes Racist Outrage Completely Meaningless

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Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden laughs with audience members during a meeting with local residents, Monday, Dec. 2, 2019, in Emmetsburg, Iowa. (AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall)

The internet just recently dove head-first into righteous indignation surrounding two people. The first is Amy Cooper who had an altercation with a black man at Central Park in New York. The other is Late Night Show host Jimmy Fallon for doing blackface to impersonate Chris Rock.

But what is more notable is that Twitter’s perpetual outrage machine seems to turn off and go dormant when the subject of Joe Biden’s racism is brought up.

There are clearly three different situations going on here. At first glance, Cooper’s actions could definitely be defined as racist as it appeared she was going to use the man’s race and sex against him when speaking to the police. Perhaps she wasn’t and she was just threatening to describe the man to the police to better identify him if and when they came. Perhaps she knew exactly what she was doing and she was using the gulf of trust between police and the black community to scare the man or perhaps she thought it would increase law enforcement’s response.

We don’t know Cooper, so we can’t know her intentions. Either way, it wasn’t a good situation.

But we do have have a lot more information about who Fallon is. Fallon has been a long-time comedian who has exhibited no racist qualities at all. We do know he is a comedian, and one of the more harmless ones at that. His impersonation of Chris Rock while doing blackface was actually pretty good and even Chris Rock was reportedly impressed.

Clearly, Fallon didn’t mean any kind of harm or offense to anyone. He purely did it for comedic purposes in order to impersonate Chris Rock. Making yourself look like a different race can be funny in the right context and the fact that we all laughed along with Dave Chappell when he did whiteface, or Robert Downey Jr. when he did his role in Tropic Thunder is proof of this.

Fallon did nothing wrong, yet cancel culture was trying its level best to ruin Fallon. They labeled him as a racist and accused him of “othering,” which is SJW for “marginalizing” which is SJW for “a white person looked at someone with a higher dose of melanin in their system in a weird way and so naturally he’s a racist trying to institute an ethnostate of white nationalism.”

The reaction to Fallon’s completely not racist Rock impersonation was as absurd as the social justice concept behind it.

But let’s look at the third accusation of racism performed by Biden. By now you’ve heard that he essentially told black people that unless you’re voting for him, you aren’t really black.

Now, this is absolutely racist.

Biden is effectively saying that if you’re born black, you belong to the Democratic party by default. He’s saying that black people, by and large, have a responsibility to vote for him in the upcoming election and that if they aren’t then they must not be black because no self-respecting black person would, or should, vote for President Donald Trump. If SJWs would like a clear example of marginalization, there it is.

Yet there is no national coverage or trending Twitter hashtags. There is no SJW backlash or righteous indignation. No calls for canceling Biden. Why? Because Biden belongs to the right party and is in the right position to be untouchable. Racism isn’t a big deal if it means your side could win against the other.

This effectively makes the accusation of “racism” in our country meaningless. As I wrote in a previous article, the word “racism” is no longer a substantive description of someone and hasn’t been for some time. Now it’s simply a political tool with no meaning. The word doesn’t need context to be used, and you need not worry about dissecting nuance in order to toss it around. Just find something you don’t like and apply liberally. No pun intended.

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This naturally leads to people not being able to take Democrats or SJWs seriously when they throw the accusation around. This is bad because the actual bits of racism that do happen will be overlooked, disbelieved, and dismissed.

Picking and choosing what is and isn’t racist based on what is and isn’t expedient for a political party’s agenda essentially turns the act of racism into a political act, not a morally repugnant one as it is. You effectively become able to be as racist as you want if your position is right.

This seems to be what the SJWs and the Democrat party believe, and this says more about them than it does the state of our society. The power to decide what is and isn’t racist needs to be taken out of the hands of the Democrats in the culture and the real definition of racism be returned to what it is, not what they think it should be in any given moment.

This means making it understood that Fallon didn’t act in a racist manner, and recognizing that Cooper’s racism may be misunderstood and we would need more information. It definitely means recognizing Biden’s declaration of party loyalty and skin color being synonymous as a racist mentality.


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