White House Trade Advisor Peter Navarro Points out How Frighteningly Fast Communist China Took Down Our Economy

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FILE – In this March 31, 2017 file photo, National Trade Council adviser Peter Navarro appears before President Donald Trump arrives to sign executive orders regarding trade in the Oval Office at the White House in Washington. After striking a delicate deal with the United Arab Emirates on rules for airline competition, the Trump administration went to war with itself about what the agreement actually said. White House trade adviser Peter Navarro repeatedly contradicted the State Department’s carefully crafted script. Behind the scenes, a dizzying scene of one-upmanship, word games and subtle subterfuge played out, magnified by lobbyists seeking to exploit divisions within the Trump administration. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

America sports the most effective and strong economy in the world, yet, as White House Trade Advisor Peter Navarro pointed out on Sunday, China was able to take it down in 60 days.

Appearing on Fox News with host Maria Bartiromo, Navarro gave us a quick timeline of China’s actions beginning with patient zero in November and tells how China sent “gleaming jets” with infected people all over the world except for other parts of China.

Navarro ends by telling how the lives of American’s basically froze and in 60 days, the most powerful economy in the world was effectively destroyed:

We know that patient zero in China was about mid-November. It was in Wuhan. We know that ground zero had the P-4 weapons lab, where the virus likely came from. For the next two months, we know that China hid the virus from the world behind the shield of the World Health Organization.

And, as they did that, they sent gleaming passenger jets from China, not into the rest of China from Wuhan, but to places like New York and Milan, seeding the world with what would become a pandemic.

As they did that, we also know, Maria, from their own customs data that they vacuumed up virtually all of the world’s personal protective equipment, including over two billion masks.

And we also know that, today, what China is doing, sitting on that stockpile of what we call PPE, is, they are selling it at profiteering prices to some. And, to other countries, they are actually putting pressure on those countries to deny the virus came from China or to talk about Taiwan or to do other things.

So, that’s it in a nutshell. And what that means for us here is, this morning, Americans won’t go to church because of the China virus. Sons and daughters of America won’t be taking their mothers to brunch. Tomorrow, 33 million Americans won’t be going to work, and millions of children in America will be home climbing the walls, instead of learning, reading, writing, and arithmetic.

So, that’s the China problem that we face. President Trump built the most powerful and beautiful economy in the world in three years.

The Chinese Communist Party took it down in 60 days.


As of now, unemployment rates are threatening to rise above 20 percent and 40 percent of the nation’s small businesses may close. The effectiveness with which the virus has stopped America is astounding and it’s frightening to think that our communist enemies may not have only helped engineer this, but have learned something from it as well.


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