Donald Trump Jr. Offers to Walk Conservative Girl Disowned by Her Leftist Parents Down the Aisle

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Donald Trump Jr. waves at campaign rally before President Donald Trump appears Wednesday, Feb. 19, 2020 in Phoenix. (AP Photo/Rick Scuteri)

While politics is no stranger to driving a wedge between friends and family, one set of parents has apparently gone way too far with it and disowned their conservative daughter and her fiance, so much so that they have refused to attend their wedding.


In a Tic Tok video, Tracy Boettcher, the daughter, claimed her parents told her to choose between them and her fiance.

“I chose myself,” said Boettcher. “I chose what would make me happiest in the long-run.”

Boettcher said in her video that her mother told her she was incapable of being loved because of her sexual assault at the age of 17 and added that she’s choosing her fiance. If what she’s saying is true, then good for her. It sounds like she’s choosing a much better life.

Boettcher added that if anyone has a dad who would like to walk her down the aisle let her know.

“My parents hate my fiance because he’s a conservative and they’re liberal,” the woman says in a video seen more than 800,000 times on Twitter. “They refuse to go to our wedding, and they gave me an ultimatum of choosing between him or them. So, I chose myself and I chose what would make me happiest in the long run. And my mother told me I was incapable of being loved or being in a relationship because I was assaulted when I was 17. So, I chose my fiance, and I will be walking myself down the aisle in December. So, if anyone has a dad that would like to walk me down the aisle, let me know.”

Enter DJT Jr.

Donald Trump Jr. saw the video and felt for the girl and offered to be her Huckleberry.

“Really sad and touching at the same time. Good for her for standing up to the nonsense. P.S. If she doesn’t find someone better count me in. I’ll walk her down the isle [sic]. Lmk,” tweeted Trump Jr.


I can’t imagine being so wrapped up in one’s politics that you would cut off your own children because of a difference of opinion, but today we live in a world where minds are lost if you simply look at a Trump without sneering. Standing up for what you believe in is definitely something people don’t want to make easy for you nowadays.

I don’t know this girl, but if she is being truthful, then I have to say that she’s awfully brave and spectacular for sticking up for herself and her beliefs, even in the face of losing your family. I truly hope DJT Jr. walks her down the aisle. It’ll really make that day all the more special.



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