Who Do Chris Cuomo and CNN Think They're Fooling With This Basement Emergence Video?

CNN news anchor Chris Cuomo attends the WarnerMedia Upfront at Madison Square Garden on Wednesday, May 15, 2019, in New York. (Photo by Evan Agostini/Invision/AP)


At this point, I’m not sure CNN even cares that they get caught lying. In fact, I’d say that at this point, CNN knows that they’re more or less political fan-fiction for people who hate President Donald Trump and love sensationalistic theater.

Chris Cuomo, the man who recently confessed that he doesn’t want to spend time “trafficking in things that I think are ridiculous,”  released a video of himself coming out of self-quarantine, now having gotten over the Wuhan Coronavirus.

“This is what I’ve been dreaming of literally for weeks,” said Cuomo as he emerged from his basement.

“This is the dream,” he later said. “Just to be back up here doing normal things.”

Immediately after, Cuomo conducted an interview with Sanjay Gupta where he said his family was spooked.

Thing is, Cuomo has left his basement before and not just to make a run to the kitchen. Cuomo had broken his “self-isolation” to travel to his home in the East-Hamptons. As reported by my colleague Sister Toldja, Cuomo’s home there is still in construction so he technically had no reason to be there, yet he was.


He was even shamed by an elderly man riding by on a bicycle for it:

As lowly New Yorkers continue to heed Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s orders to stay indoors, at great personal and economic cost, his sick brother decided there was no better time than Easter Sunday to check out undeveloped property he bought in East Hampton.

Again: undeveloped property. All unnecessary construction is halted. There was literally no reason for Chris Cuomo to be there.

Yet he was infuriated when a nobody — just a 65-year-old man riding his bicycle, maintaining social distance — stopped and called Cuomo out.

“I said to him, ‘Your brother is the coronavirus czar, and you’re not even following his rules — unnecessary travel,’ ” the man, identified only as David, told The Post.

Cuomo’s response?

“Who the hell are you?! I can do what I want!”

Yeah, old man! Cuomo is famous and rich. Recognize when you’re speaking to your betters.

The guy on the bike must have gotten to Cuomo because he later lashed out on him during a Sirius XM video, where he called him a “jackass, loser” according to the Washington Examiner:

“I don’t want some jackass, loser, fat-tire biker being able to pull over and get in my space and talk bullshit to me,” Cuomo said in a SiriusXM interview. “I don’t want to hear it.”

The anchor continued, complaining that the confrontation reminded him that being famous means he does not have the freedom to tell people like that bicyclist to “go to hell.”

“That matters to me more than making millions of dollars a year,” he said, “I want to be able to tell you to go to hell, to shut your mouth. … I don’t get that doing what I do for a living. Me being able to tell you to ‘shut your mouth, or I will’ — do you the way you guys do each other.”


Thing is, it’s rich that you have any given Cuomo telling you how bad the virus is and that New Yorkers should be doing everything in their power to stop its spread, and here we have a Cuomo — supposedly infected with the virus to the point where he’s chipping his teeth because he’s chattering so bad from the chills —  carrying his virus to other parts of New York where others can be infected.

He’s not even going from one residence to another, he’s just visiting a property that doesn’t even have a house on it yet.

Cuomo is an actor, not a reporter, but more than that he’s a hypocrite.


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