The Morse Code Ep. 9: COVID Is Christmas for Authoritarians

Created by Brandon Morse for

As the info rolls in and the initial models about all the death and sickness we were told we were going to endure fall as fast as our economy is, it’s worth taking note of the other problem that the virus caused.

Apparently, the willingness to collectively shelter in place as our respective governments told us to do made the authoritarians in the Democrat party water at the mouth. All throughout this pandemic, we had to watch as Democrats in Washington did everything from try to stop relief bills from passing through congress in order to throw-in different Utopian demands, or local authorities overreaching their bounds.

In this week’s podcast I cover some of the various examples of just how far the Democrats have gone in their quest to assert their power and showing you that when it comes to what they prioritize, you don’t come anywhere at the top of the list.

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