Majority of Independents Aren't On Board With Media's Politicization of the Wuhan Virus

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As President Donald Trump points to CNN’s Jim Acosta, a White House aide takes the microphone from him during a news conference in the East Room of the White House, Wednesday, Nov. 7, 2018, in Washington. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)


“Never let a crisis go to waste.” That famous quote has become a hard rule in the left’s playbook and they use it to the point of abusing it. It doesn’t matter what it is, be it the loss of innocent life at the hands of a madman or a pandemic that started in a foreign country and now threatens ours.

The media has been working overtime to see to it that the Wuhan virus pandemic that has swept the globe is a consistent weight on Trump’s presidency. Be it telling flat-out lies about Trump’s actions or declaring Trump racist for calling the virus by the very name the leftist mainstream media had been calling it for weeks, the left is out to make the Coronavirus a sickness that infects the Trump presidency as it infects the American citizenry, hurting its citizens by health or by economic means.

As it turns out, however, the politicization of the virus isn’t going over too well with voters, especially Independents. According to, the latest Rasmussen report shows that most Independents aren’t on board with how the media is using the pandemic to hurt Trump:


Needless to say, the media is more interested in politicizing crisis than combating it. A new poll of U.S. adults from Rasmussen Reports has found that people are taking notice, with most rating the media’s coverage as either “fair” or “poor” as opposed to “good” or “excellent.”

Among all adults, 42% found the media’s coverage to be excellent or good, while 21% found it fair, and 32% poor (with 5% not sure). There was a clear partisan divide, with Republicans more likely to have negative views of current coverage than the average respondent, and Democrats a more positive view. Only 32% of Republicans found reporting to be excellent or good, while 26% found it fair, and 41% voted it negatively (with only 2% not sure). The numbers for Democrats were 60% excellent/good, 16% fair, and 18% poor (with 5% not sure).

Interestingly enough, the political demographic that rated the media’s coverage the second worst are those who don’t affiliate with either party. Among the unaffiliated (who could be either independents or swing voters), 32% rated coverage excellent or good, while 60% rated it fair or poor (and 9% not sure).


This is horrible news for Democrats who were hoping that the Coronavirus could be used as a tool to hurt Trump, especially going into 2020. It would appear that the people know what the media is doing; fearmongering in an attempt to push an agenda, and they aren’t willing to be lead by the nose over it.

What this means going forward is yet to be seen as we’re just now getting started in our efforts to curb the virus. If it gets worse and the economy tanks, as it will if many major cities continue down the authoritarian course that they are, then it truly will hurt Trump. However, the fact that voters are seeing the media’s true form behind the curtain it put in front of itself isn’t promising news for Democrats and their media cohorts.



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