Democrats Know What They're Getting With Biden, So Why are They Still Voting For Him

AP Photo/Rogelio V. Solis

Democratic presidential candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden speaks at New Hope Baptist Church, Sunday, March 8, 2020, in Jackson, Miss. (AP Photo/Rogelio V. Solis)

The Democratic 2020 primary field has been a mess from the word “go.” Between duds like Corey Booker and extremists like Bernie Sanders, there hasn’t been much confidence to be dolled out to anyone. From the very beginning, former VP Joe Biden has been at the forefront, with various moments of threat from people like Elizabeth Warren and Sanders.

Neither of these last long, however. The moment they overtook Biden was the moment their stock seemed to fall.

Surprising to everyone is the fact that Biden didn’t do anything to let this happen. In fact, it would appear that he did everything possible to make people walk away from him as fast as possible. He’s creepy when it comes to women, he gaffes incessantly, and his stutter has become a little bit more than noticeable.

He’s also become combative. He’s not afraid to get in the face of anyone who questions them and prefers to dish out insults and yell far more than calmly debate and argue with anyone. This could come off as tough and no-nonsense with the right tone and person, but it just lends more to the idea that Biden is slowly becoming too old and unstable.

Don’t think Democrat voters are so blinded by their blue-tinted glasses that they don’t see it either. They know damn good and well that Biden’s got one foot out the door of his mind. He’s not well and they see it just like we do. Yet they don’t turn away from him.

They can’t. So desperate is the situation with the Democrats that they would much rather stick to a figure that holds more nostalgia power than try to let other candidates have a shot. The Democrats are so leaderless and scattered that they huddle together under an umbrella of familiarity, no matter how much that umbrella is failing them.

It’s the most pathetic I’ve ever seen a political party.

This is their own fault, mind you. The Democrats have spent so much time embracing radicalism under the impression that Republicans did in their election with Trump, failing to realize that they bubbled themselves into the belief that the embrace of American values isn’t an embrace of extremism. They believed their own hype that people were really going to die if Trump got elected and that America would sink into a racist, bigoted hell under his leadership. That, of course, never happened, but even now the left can’t see it.

Democrat voters were lead by the nose of the leftist that run their political and media industries and allowed in complete lunatics like Kamala Harris and Pete Buttigieg. People who have potential to be just as corrupt as Hillary Clinton given half the opportunity. Biden was seemingly the only one that seemed relatively normal and old school. Regardless of his inability to function as a person with half a right mind, they’d rather run with Biden than head to the furthest parts of its own party’s leftism.

That should send a very clear and resounding message, and it’s one that seems to be going overlooked. Even in the Democrat party, which has embraced radicalism, radicalism isn’t being embraced by the voters. America still has no desire to embrace radicalism it’s trying to serve up to us.


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