New Video: The Democrats Don't Deserve Your Vote

RedState/Brandon Morse

Democrats Don’t Deserve Your Vote. (RedState/Brandon Morse)


The Democrat party is a sad, sick shadow of its former self. It’s gone from being the party of “ask not what your country can do for you” to “free stuff 4 everybody lol.”


Between its leadership resorting to petty acts of vandalism to top candidates making promises they can’t keep, the Democrat party has devolved into a ridiculous mess of ineptitude, identity obsession, and economic stupidity. The party’s platform consists of 10 percent asinine policy positions and 90 percent anti-Trump talk.

What’s more, their entire M.O. seems to be knowing what’s better for you than you do, and forcing their will on you in order to force through what they want. Be it the socialist policies that will control your income, your business, and your life or impeachment attempts to remove the guy you voted into office. They don’t want to represent you, they want to rule you.

I can tell you all this till I’m blue in the face, but sometimes the best way isn’t to tell you it’s to show you. Enjoy!



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