More Americans are Republican Than Democrat Now According to New Poll

This photo taken May 19, 2014, shows former Republican candidate for Congress, Vivian Childs, right, walking through the Georgia GOP headquarters, followed by Michael Roundtree, chairman of the Morehouse College Republicans, before a training session with Leo Smith, minority engagement director for the Georgia Republican Party, not shown, in Atlanta. Smith and other black Republicans who recruit say there are plenty of black conservatives out there. They just don’t want to be identified publicly as conservative or Republican. (AP Photo/David Goldman)


More bad news for Democrats as they head into the Nevada Democratic debates. It would appear that new polling shows that more people now identify as Republican than Democrat.

According to Gallup, Republicans have trailed behind or tied Democrats in terms of self-identification for some time now, but late last month the tables turned with Americans identifying as Republican at 30 percent, up from three points earlier in the month. The number of people identifying as Democrats stayed the same, however, those who identify has Independent shrank, suggesting they drifted to the right.

A multitude of things could be causing this drift. Trump’s job approval rating has been trending upward as well, meaning more Americans are comfortable with Trump and the Republicans in charge. Moreover, the Democrat’s impeachment attempts have not gone over well either, and the Iowa debacle made them seem even more inept.

We may also be witnessing election fatigue. As Democrats are wheeled out again and again for Debates, further exposing their weaknesses and dividing campaign supporters. Many who supported candidates who have dropped out due to not qualifying for the debate stage may also feel cheated thanks to the rule bend by the DNC to allow Mike Bloomberg.


No matter which way you turn in the Democrat party right now, there seems to be either a shady occurrence or an example of ineptitude. Meanwhile, Trump is showing a strong economy and a winning strategy, making him seem more reliable and stable as a candidate.

The Nevada debates tonight will clue us in to just how much Bloomberg’s presence will have on the voting public, and whether he’ll have the power to overcome the Democrat’s current frontrunner, Bernie Sanders. If Bloomberg cannot tip the voters back toward the Democrats, then it’s unlikely they will retake the public any time soon.


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