Black Student Tells White Students to Leave Multicultural Center Because They Make Her "Uncomfortable"

SCREENSHOT: YAF Twitter uploaded by Brandon

There’s this odd prevailing myth in the social justice community that you can’t be racist to white people because racism is defined by prejudice plus power. In other words, only white people can be racist because they are the race that holds all control over the western world.


According to the SJW crowd, this means that anyone who is not white can discriminate or be cruel to anyone specifically because of their white skin and not be considered racist because they consider themselves underprivileged.

You see this belief held quite a bit by students at high-profile universities, which are bastions of underprivileged young adults.

This is, of course, absolute nonsense. Racism is racism no matter who holds power. An attack on someone for their skin color is racism and cannot be defined any other way. Logic is logic. Regardless, this idea of “racism” pervades among young adults and you can see it in action quite a bit.

Take, for instance, this viral video of a black student at the University of Virginia telling her fellow white students that they need to leave the multicultural center because they’re making her and her fellow students of color “uncomfortable.”

The racist act by this woman wasn’t denounced directly by UVA, but the University made it clear that the Multicultural Center is for everyone, not just people of color.


It shouldn’t have to be said, but “multicultural” means multiple cultures and that includes white students as well. White students may hail from families from a wide range of places in the world with cultures that differ vastly from one another. Today, however, it would appear that our take on “cultural” just boils down to skin color.

Not only is this shallow thinking, but it also invites heavy amounts of racism as you can see from the student in the video.

If we’re going to effectively fight racism in America, then we have to fight it in all its forms, including displays like the one at UVA.


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