CNN Writer Tries to Tell Everyone That No One Celebrates Abortion, Internet Promptly Corrects Him

Jeff Yang is a CNN opinion writer who is of the opinion that no one celebrates abortion. Jeff Yang is a CNN opinion writer is absolutely wrong about that.

While watching videos of Democratic 2020 candidate Andrew Yang, Yang said that “we have to get back to the point where nobody should be celebrating abortion.”


Yang added that “it’s a tragedy, to me, if someone decides they don’t want to have a child,” and calling the celebration of children and family “universal human values.”

Yang didn’t agree with Yang’s take and said that “health and safety” were “universal human values,” then added in a separate tweet that “nobody celebrates abortion,” calling this a “right-wing slander with no basis in reality.”

Yang could have kept that to himself and walked away with his bubble safely intact, but this being the age of the internet, the social media denizens of Twitter found it necessary to correct his mistake.


Celebrating abortion isn’t just common, it’s worship is almost a requirement in order to be a modern Democrat. Andrew Yang is correct when he suggested our attitudes on it today have gotten away from the values of family and children, and it is a tragedy when an abortion occurs.


In fact, it’s a bit odd that Yang the CNN writer’s first reaction to Yang the candidate’s words were to run defense for abortion the moment it was attacked.

The fact is that abortion is the taking of innocent human life and should be considered tragic no matter the circumstances. Many seem to forget that a baby dies in the process and no amount rewording and changing the language stops that from being the absolute bottom line.

This is what pro-abortionists clearly celebrate and if they think they’re not, then they need to stand back and take a nice long look at what it is they’re actually doing in their lack of self-awareness.


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