Watch: Will Smith Gives His Fellow Actors a Lesson In Gun Safety

SCREENSHOT: Twitter Uploaded by Brandon

I speak ill of the Hollywood elite quite a bit, but when they deserve praise for doing something awesome, they should definitely get it. Actor Will Smith is, for sure, one such actor who definitely did something worthy of praise.


In a short clip posted to Twitter, Smith and his fellow actors and crew members for the movie Bad Boys 3 are standing in front of a table filled with guns. As someone off-screen explains that new gun models will be appearing in the movie, one of the people next to Smith picks up a gun.

As the man picks up the gun, the barrel points toward Smith who eyes it. In a deft motion, Smith pushes the gun away from him, then takes it from the man. Smith ejects the magazine, pulls the slide back to check for ammo, reinserts the magazine, then hands it back to the man with the barrel pointed down and away from everyone.

“Thank you, Will,” said one of the men off-screen.

“Terrible gun safety,” Smith says into the camera.

Smith has been in countless action movies where he’s had to use a lot of guns, so I imagine he’s very experienced with them. Maybe not on par with Keanu Reeves…

…but still highly trained.


To be completely honest, if more videos of actors like Smith pointing out the importance of gun safety, we’d have much greater respect for guns than we currently do. I think it’s awesome that at no point in the video did anyone say guns were unnecessary or horrible, it was just all about safety in their use.

If Reeves and Smith released a video all about gun use and gun safety without any kind of political message involved, it would do wonders for our mainstream culture. People would see firearms without them being painted over with messages of fear and anger and just see them for the tools that they are.

While Smith’s video is short and a bit produced, it’s still a magnificent video for more than just the fact that it’s a fun look into how Smith practices gun safety. It may actually get every day viewers to see guns in a different light.


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