The Abuse of Men Has to Stop

Suicide rates are on the rise and men are the most affected at three times the rate of women.

Did you know about that? Sadly, probably not.

In fact, for some, this is something to celebrate and laugh about.

The problems men face aren’t talked about very often. In fact, too often we’re told that when it comes to the world’s problems, men are the cause. Mainstream society paints masculinity as “toxic” and promotes the idea that men are inherently evil beings.

Recently, billboards from artist Martin Firrell have popped up around Manchester in the UK that features degrading messages about the horrifying nature of men.

To be fair, one of Firrell’s billboards bears the message “men are really great,” but the rest are either degrading or aimed at reminding men to be moral.

Even ads from major corporations put men in a horrific light. It wasn’t that long ago that Gillette released the infamous commercial that depicted men as violent, awful, and sexist.

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I’ve watched as feminist activists, politicians, and media figures alike got in front of cameras to tell us about how the “patriarchy” is destroying the world and that if we’re to be better then men must go quietly into that good night and let the women take over. We’re told repeatedly that, when it comes to various topics from abortion to rape, we can have no say because we as men don’t suffer these things as women do.

In fact, we watched as our mainstream media attempted to drag a man through the dirt on sexual assault charges that couldn’t be proved or corroborated by witnesses. Despite the fact that the attacks on Justice Brett Kavanaugh were clearly a political maneuver, we were pushed to “believe all women” including Kavanaugh’s accusers who could provide no evidence of being wronged by him.

We’re told justice is blind, but we men watch as courts favor women in almost every regard, be it accusations of rape or discrimination. If going through a divorce, the woman will most likely be awarded things that belong to the man. It doesn’t matter how flimsy the claim or the reason, the women hold the advantage the moment they step foot in it.

What’s worse, men too often watch as the court takes our children away and give them to the woman. No matter how abusive or uncaring, only 1 in 6 fathers have been given custody of their children in a divorce according to U.S. census results from 2010. That’s just over 17 percent.

When it comes to children, men don’t seem to be in control at all. From conception on up to the age of 18, men are told that our opinions don’t mean a thing. According to society, we’re just sperm donors who can be dismissed and invited at a woman’s whim, with or without our input. In fact, here’s Wendy Williams and a studio full of laughing and applauding women encouraging a woman to trick her husband into having another child.

If we force a woman to have a child this would be considered horrific by every standard. I realize that bearing a child and providing sperm are two different things, but both result in the arrival of a human being that belongs to both parties. What we just witnessed was the celebration of abuse.

But the abuse of men doesn’t seem to be all that big of a deal to our society. In fact, our society tends to look at the abuse of men as humorous.

Talk show host Jeremy Kyle had on a guest who was expressing the abuse he suffered at the hands of his girlfriend, and as he told the story of how he had injured himself trying to escape her, the audience…laughed. Kyle eventually had to step in and shame his own audience.

(Pardon the video quality as the original clip seems to have disappeared from the internet for some reason, and this altered clip is all that exists.)

Sadly, the abuse of men is only increasing.

According to News and Star, the UK reports that there has been a 113 percent increase in domestic abuse of males since 2017.

I could go on and on, but I think the point I’m making is clear.

Mainstream society is cruel to men. It ignores us when we cry out for help, and attacks us when it needs a villain for any reason. We’re held to a standard of behavior that women don’t have to meet in any regard, and are rewarded far less for our efforts. Men are finding it harder and harder to get into Universities and even jobs because of their sex, while still expected to make more and provide for women who are increasingly making more money than they are.

Men have been abandoned.

It should be no wonder that suicide rates among men are constantly rising and that depression and opioid abuse are rising. Men are increasingly adrift in a society that tells them that they aren’t needed or wanted.

But men are needed. Men are the builders and crafters. The repairmen, the soldiers, and the protectors, but moreover, they’re people. Humans with feelings, desires, hopes, and ambitions. They’re brothers, fathers, husbands, and friends.

Men are not the evil, overbearing monsters our society makes them out to be. Sure, every single one of them has the potential to be dangerous, but that’s the point of men. Their inherent danger has been utilized to help society develop and flourish for thousands of years. They hunted, protected, and took on hazardous tasks so that their fellows could benefit, and that hasn’t changed.

Men are important and necessary to achieve peace and balance. It shouldn’t shock anyone that our society has continued to whither into nonsense and ridiculousness as men have disappeared from the mainstream stage and masculinity has been put down.

We as a society need to focus more on propping men up. To listen to them when they have something to say, and to help them when they call out for help. We need to argue for men when they need to be defended, and we need to start doing that today.

Too many men have been left out in the cold, and it’s time we bring them in.


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