The People Who Mistreat Women the Most are Feminists

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I don’t think I’ve ever seen people hate women more than other women, and I don’t think I’ve seen women hate other women more than when they’re feminists.

Speaking as a man, when I have a disagreement with another man, we talk it out. If talking it out doesn’t work, or isn’t an option, we get into the angry talk. This usually involves insults and threats to beat the living crap out of each other. Past that stage is the beating the crap out of each other part we mentioned to one another earlier.

After that stage, we can go one of two ways. We’re either enemies for life and do our best to avoid one another and/or stay out of one another’s affairs, or we shake hands and start again on level ground. This may seem brutish and immature to women…but after seeing how a lot of women deal with one another, I’m not sure if the men’s way of dealing with things is the less mature.

I’ve watched first hand as minor annoyances and disagreements evolve to become reasons to tear another woman’s life apart through rumors, below-the-belt insults, and active sabotage. Very rarely have I ever seen a shaking of hands or apologies followed by forgiveness. Once a woman has wronged another woman, it’s carried around in the back of their minds forever, or so it seems. They will be all smiles and sweet talk in person, but once out of earshot, the truth comes out.

Before I see angry comments about how not all women are like that, I want you to rest assured that I’ve met many of you who are much sweeter than what I’ve described above. That said, I’ve run into fewer of you than I have the rest of them.

Now take the above unpleasantness and ratchet it up by a factor of five and you have the feminist.

A feminist won’t just talk trash about you to their friends or a group of people. They’ll set about creating a mob to bully you for what you’ve done to slight them. This mob of fellow feminists will break every rule that they themselves set for the rest of society. They’ll bash your looks, your lifestyle, and see to it that your sense of womanhood is stripped off you.

Case in point, my colleague Nick Arama reported earlier today about the Twitter hit job by failed Democratic candidate and “feminist” Pam Keith on President Donald Trump’s White House counselor, Kellyanne Conway.

“Can you believe Kellyanne is 53 today? I turned 51 in Nov. And I’m not even wearing a drop of makeup,” Keith tweeted.

The tweet included a picture of Conway in makeup and Keith without any. This tweet elicited responses from other “feminists” who posted makeup-less pictures of themselves and bashing Conway for her looks.

This is pretty low. Something I’d expect school kids to do when they’re bullying someone on social media, but then again I’ve never considered third-wave feminists to be the mature sort.

That said, let’s play one of my favorite games “swap and say.”

All you need to do to play the game is swap an element out of a sentence, paragraph, or social media post and say it again. Any element will do, be it words within the text or the person saying it.

Let’s swap Keith out and replace her with a Republican woman like Kimberly Guilfoyle. Then let’s swap out Conway for someone like Chelsea Clinton.

Do you think the feminists would be laughing, or do you think they’d be throwing fits? Do you think they’d shrug it off, or do you think there would be a million think pieces written about how we need feminism more than ever because women are attacking other women?

I think we all know the answer to that.

We’ve seen time and again the hypocrisy of feminism and it continues to show us why it’s the movement that should have died after the first wave.


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