The Virginia Rally Brought the Mainstream Media's Derangement to Its Peak

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Today, the Second Amendment rally in Richmond, Virginia today ended with no violent moments, no arrests, and no destruction. In fact, as I tweeted earlier today, this seems to make the mainstream media very salty, because in truth the thing that did get destroyed was there baseless narratives.

Hilariously, despite the fact that their narrative that the rally was a racist cesspool of violent extremists was bleeding out right in front of them, they continued to push the idea that somehow, in some way, the people who attended the rally were still violent extremists.

My favorite tweet with this train of thought came from Huffington Post writer Andy Campbell who, upon seeing Benny Johnson’s tweet about the fact that nothing violent happened, decided to make the argument that this peaceful rally wasn’t actually peaceful.

“The far right will claim this rally was peaceful because counterprotesters didn’t show. Just remember that if everything stays peaceful — everyone hopes it does! — it’ll be because nobody shot anybody. The issue with violence in this country is still the guns and extremism,” tweeted Campbell.

Where to begin?

Let’s start with his terminology. It should be made clear that when Campbell uses the phrase “far-right,” what he really means is everyday Americans like you and me who support the Second Amendment, President Donald Trump, and western Judeo-Christian values. By proclaiming we’re “far-right,” Campbell is attempting to invalidate our arguments by putting us in the column of extremists, a word which he uses later.

Moreover, his use of the word “counterprotesters” is a silky word to call “Antifa” or people who fall in line with their methods. You may think he meant people who simply disagree with the pro-2nd Amendment folks, but they were there as well and nobody expected violence as a result of a debate. There was, however, a rumor that members of Antifa were going to be bussed in to stir up trouble, but it appears that didn’t happen. Not on a large scale anyway.

With that out of the way, let’s get to the derangement.

Campbell claims that we would “claim” it was peaceful because nothing violent happened. That is a logical conclusion to come to. If peace was maintained then it was peaceful. Full stop. However, Campbell says that the only reason it was peaceful was that the “counterprotesters” (Antifa) didn’t show up.


He then has the gall to say that the problem in America is still guns and extremists.

Let’s break this down to its base meaning.

Campbell sees those 2nd Amendment supporting people as extremists and despite absolutely zero violence happening at this rally, pegs these people as violent types. Campbell is suggesting that peace was maintained despite this fact.

He then goes on to add that the only reason no one got hurt was that Antifa didn’t show up, but fails to realize that if violence began the moment Antifa showed up, then the real cause of violence wouldn’t be the 2nd Amendment supporters, it would be the radical leftists. If there was no violence or wrongdoing up to the point of Antifa’s arrival, then clearly the violent ones aren’t the 2nd Amendment rally-goers.

This piece of logic seems to fly right over Campbell’s head, yet he surges forward in his delusion as if what he’s saying makes perfect sense. While I can’t say that everyone in the media has this level of derangement, I am watching as various news outlets attempt to paint the rally as a white supremacist gathering with unstable people waiting to go off at every moment.

That’s obviously not the case at all. Video and pictures showed us thousands of people doing things like saying the “Pledge of Allegiance” together. People of every ethnicity were there to show their support for the 2nd Amendment, and stand with one another as a diverse group of people who love the rights afforded to them by God and the Constitution.

That’s not at all what those in the mainstream media see, but not for lack of evidence. They don’t see it because they refuse to see it. They would rather fire off baseless narrative after baseless narrative in an effort to promote their own political agendas.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you your very troubled and very biased mainstream media.


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