Chick-fil-A Still Most Trusted Fast Food Chain In America

The Chick-fil-A at Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta, GA. Screen grab via CFA.
CFA at Mercedes Benz Stadium
The Chick-fil-A at Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta, GA. Screen grab via CFA.

Chick-fil-A has gone through its fair share of controversies, but possibly none greater than when it seemingly turned on its values to cave to the woke mob by claiming it won’t do charitable work with anti-LGBT organizations.


The backlash was immediate with some even claiming that the restaurant backstabbed those who supported it while it endured constant attacks by political and activist groups for its Christian values.

Despite having let all sides down at this point, Chick-fil-A still remains the most trusted fast-food chain in America according to a recent poll by Morning Consult.

When it comes to brands, while Chick-fil-A may place sixth overall, when it comes to food products it’s number one, beating out other food companies like Hershey’s and Cheerios. In fact, when it comes to restaurant chains, no other chain places in the top 25.

Breaking down the trust in brands by generation, you’ll find that Chick-fil-A does even better. Gen Z and Millennials put the chain at 9th place at 38.2 percent and 37.2 percent respectively, while Gen X has it at number ten. Boomers love it the most, as they have Chick-fil-A as number eight on their most trusted brand list.


Despite the fact that Chick-fil-A has gone through socio-political troubles, the fact is that its food is still highly sought after and its Christian values still make its service the example to follow. It’s unlikely that Chick-fil-A will suffer any major drawback from its recent mistakes, especially as it begins to try to make itself an international player in the fast-food market.

With Gen Z and Millennials placing the chain high up on the list, it’s unlikely that the chain will fall below a certain line of success as time goes by.


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