Brandon Morse: Comedy Will Save the World


It was the slam heard round the world.

When Ricky Gervais took the stage last Sunday for the Golden Globes, no one saw the epic beatdown that Hollywood was going to take coming. It hit the public like a hurricane, but the only ones who took any damage were the coastal elite.


And it was a damage that was absolutely necessary.

For years now, we’ve had to endure Hollywood celebrities talking down to us from gilded platforms about things we all know to be nonsense. They are out of touch, shallow, and ignorant, but despite the fact that the general public knows it, they didn’t seem to.

They charge forward with all confidence. The more ludicrous the idea, the more proud they seemed to be of their stance.

Then Ricky Gervais came along and wiped the smug right off their faces. It was a great moment, but also a teachable one.

That night we were reminded about the importance of comedy in our society, and how it destroys sacred cows that drag our society down into ignorance and anger.

Comedy is society’s greatest disinfectant, and in my latest video, I highlight just how important it is and why we should strive never to lose the ability to laugh.


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