TIME Magazine Offers Tips on How to Make Your Kid See Soleimani Good and Trump Bad

TIME magazine isn’t just in the business of brainwashing the masses, they also want you to do it to your kids on behalf of them as well.

On Monday, Time offered up a “how-to” that explains how you should talk to your children about the Iran situation. Spoiler alert — they want you to make your kids think Trump is the villain of this story and that the Iranian terrorist general, Qassem Soleimani, was actually an okay guy.


When talking to your kids, Time advises, describe the situation like this:

First, start off by telling your kids that “Qasem Soleimani was a top military leader in Iran, a country in the Middle East.”

That’s it. Don’t tell them that he was a terrorist leader, or that he was responsible for the deaths of hundreds of Americans. Just that he was a “top military leader.”

TIME goes on to tell you how to describe the situation:

President Donald Trump has called Soleimani a terrorist. Trump says Soleimani ordered attacks on American military and diplomats and was planning attacks against Americans in the Middle East. For this reason, Trump ordered the U.S. military to kill Soleimani. The drone attack took place at an airport in Baghdad, in Iraq. An Iraqi leader was also killed.

Notice the wording here. Not Soleimani was a terrorist, but that “Donald Trump has called Soleimani a terrorist,” making this statement of fact as an opinion of one man who, as TIME goes on to say, went to an “extreme” when it came to this general.

TIME does list the attacks from Iranians against Americans, to its credit, but once again it puts Soleimani is a soft light by saying that Trump “says Soleimani ordered these attacks.”

Not that he did, but that this was just a claim by Trump.

It’s here we get to the juicy part. TIME wants you to explain to your kid that Trump is something of an unstable man with an itchy trigger finger who ignores the advice of military leaders and shocks people with his decisions:


U.S. military leaders gave Trump several choices for how to respond to Iran’s actions. Killing Soleimani was considered the most extreme. Some top U.S. military and government officials have expressed surprise and concern about Trump’s decision. But the President insists it was in America’s best interest. “We will always protect our diplomats, service members, all Americans, and our allies,” Trump said in a Jan. 3 address from his resort in Palm Beach, Fla.

Let’s do a quick recap. TIME has so far made Soleimani a man being blamed for bad things happening by Trump, and Trump killing him against sound advice.

TIME goes on to encourage you to tell your kids that people in Iran are very sad and because of that, your child should be very scared:

Iran has called for three days of national mourning. Thousands of people gathered in the streets of Iran’s capital, Tehran, to protest Soleimani’s killing. Funeral services were held in Iran on Sunday and Monday. Iranian leaders say they will take action against the U.S. At this time, however, it is unclear how or when they will do so. Still, some kind of action is expected.

Why would I tell my child that?

“Hey, our president messed up and now some people are coming to get us.”

If TIME were a random stranger in a restaurant and he began talking to my kid like that, that guy would likely find himself with a bloody nose. This is fearmongering for kids, and while I expect gross stuff out of TIME, this goes above and beyond. A kid should be more concerned about who is going to play legos with him or her, not whether or not Iranians are going to crawl in through the window in the middle of the night.


It’s likely, however, that TIME didn’t actually mean this for kids. The article goes on to talk about Trump kicking the Iran deal to the curb and economic sanctions hurting Iran’s economy. No small child is going to understand any of that. In truth, this article was likely meant for adults to read and understand what’s going on from the left’s perspective in the simplest terms possible.


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