Not Only Is Michelle Williams Wrong, She's Setting Women Back


If you didn’t see it at the time, you probably heard about it. Actress Michelle Williams won an award for being on a show nobody watches and used her time on the stage to do what celebrities do, and lectured us about women’s equality.

Ricky Gervais neutered any chance of people taking her seriously…

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…but that didn’t stop Williams, who went on to talk about how abortion made her win possible and that if women want to really be successful, then they should vote Democrat in 2020 so they can keep aborting their babies.

Quick note, the likes to dislikes ratio on this YouTube video that was uploaded by NBC itself is embarrassing…for Williams. At the time of this writing, the video has 2.3k likes and 4.6k dislikes. That’s double the number of disapprovals.

Like many, I couldn’t help but feel revulsion when I first heard it. Here was Williams standing on stage talking about how she sacrificed a baby as she held a golden statue in her hand like some pagan of old.

I didn’t think her powerful or liberated for her decision, I thought her weak. Women everywhere are mothers and have powerful positions and successful careers. If Williams is telling me that she had to sacrifice her baby to succeed, then she’s weak, not anything close to powerful.

One model and mother recently went viral as she made a video as she was about to give birth to her fifth child, and spoke about how being a mother empowered her, not held her back.

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Well, this for sure wasn’t planned but I felt called to share so here’s the truth… New life never keeps us from our dreams. One of the cruelest lies that the Devil tells women is that we aren’t brave or strong enough to do what God invites us into when we bring life into the world. New life is always a gift. And I’m humbled that I get to receive this new life AND live out the *abundant* life the Lord created me for. Please share this message with the ladies in your life because women deserve a better narrative than what the culture gives us. We deserve to believe that life really *can* be this good, and that receiving new life is always, always, always pure gift. I’m lifting you up through this labor and please pray for me!! Can’t wait to have this baby!! 👶💖 #prolife #CatholicWomanhood #mama #babyscoming #michellewilliams #goldenglobes2020 #goldenglobes2019 #acceptancespeech

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Human life is worth more than a statue, but listening to Williams and her Hollywood compatriots, you’d think that attention and acknowledgment is the ultimate goal of any one person. Don’t get me wrong. Acknowledgment for your works is stupendous and hearing appreciation for what you do makes what you do all the sweeter, but you can’t raise acknowledgment from birth and love it with a love that completely takes you out of yourself and brings you into a much greater form of being.

Williams’ statue is ultimately worthless. It’ll collect dust on a shelf somewhere doing nothing but prompting memories and stories when seen. The child she killed to get it would have accomplished more than staying in a single room and being looked at from time to time.

But outside of these obvious truths is something Williams probably never considered.

If abortion is necessary for women to succeed, then pro-abortionists are encouraging women to ditch the very thing that makes them women in order to perform up to expectations. In other words, be more like men.

What kind of message does that send to women who hear it and think that being a woman isn’t enough? What happened to women’s empowerment? What happened to the idea that women are just as good as men?

Is that not true? That’s the case according to Williams.

One of the most powerful things women do is give birth. They are the conduit through which human life comes into the world. Then they do more on top of that in different ways. What Williams is doing is essentially trying to tell women that the most powerful aspect of their sex is worthless and that they should instead focus on superficial gains.

Women are more than just wombs, that’s true, but that womb is one of the most important things to humanity. Every time it’s utilized to its full effect, an entire person is brought into the world — that carries with it the entire future of our race.

And Williams wants you to focus on a golden idol while denying your womanhood.

Once again, Hollywood proves it has zero idea what is and isn’t important.



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